I'm better Viral Myositis

I was diagnoised with viral myositis, this having taken me out for the whole summer. The doctor said that there was no medicine that would have sped up recovery. My primary doctor wouldn’t prescribe anything, including a pain medicine. I could have been given one, I asked the last doctor to put that in the report to the primary doctor. I was told this normally occurs only once in your life, and I hope this is the case.

I have felt very well for the last four days. I have energy and can move. I’m trying very hard not to over do the physical activities right now. It’s been a slow progression to feeling this way. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. The whole damn summer is gone and I didn’t do anything.

I want to thank Democritus and his wife for their offer of support.

I would also like to thank neutron star for the offer of support.

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Hey, that’s great news, Phobia (I mean, considering the alternatives)! Glad to hear it’s just temporary and not a death sentence like poly and dermatomyositis can be.

My wife and I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of luck in the future. :slight_smile:

Information for most of the people out there. It amounted to months of a virus attacking my muscles. The only cure was rest and my body fighting it off. I lost 25 to 30 pounds. Up to 3 pounds one day when it was at it’s worst.

Thanks again neutron star and wife.

I just saw this Phobia. I haven’t been on the board much. Hang in there and let us know how you’re doing, ok? It must be a hard struggle for you, but you sound realistic about your limitations right now. Keep that chin up. :wink:

It’s hard not to over do, when you have let everything slide for three months. I have to get ready for winter up here, so that get’s top priority. I have to stop myself from doing stuff till I’m exhausted. I’ve had no problems with standing or walking the whole day for over a week. I can do moderately physical work for about four hours a day without paying for it.

I hope you and your wife are doing ok for now.

Democritus the reply was for you too. Sorry I left you out at the bottom.


Never heard of it, sorry you had/have it, hope you continue to recover.

Wisconsin isn’t too far from us, here in Central Minnesota. We are getting ready for winter also. Many people covered their flowers last night. We need to get plastics over the windows and have the furnace looked at. I hope that you have people to help you with tasks such as these.

Come to the Central MN Dopefest if you are well enough and able, and not too far away.

Best wishes.


So, Phobia, how are things? Haven’t heard from you in a few.

I still need to not over do things, but I’m making it through the days. Today in particular, because of other things, ranks as frustrating. It’s getting close to my dead father’s birthday and today it’s been bothering me a lot.