I'm bored... give me something to do...

I’m bored.
I have my mock exams soon, and I promised everyone I would revise. But I am bored. I want to procrastinate.
What can I do?


Hey someone near the age of me! Hooray!

Near the location of you, too.
Ugh. Boreded.

OK em, what ya doing when you leave? What do you look like?Whats your interests?

I have Brown/Black hair, Blue/Green eyes an 17 years of age. I am doing a business studies course at college.


I’m fifteen… I’m doing a hell of a lot of subjects at the moment, but hope to narrow down to English, Politics and Physics for AS. As for what I look like - just how you would expect someone called Raven to look like…

Er. So you’re a foot tall, silky black feathers, taste for eyeballs and an intense hatred for the word “Nevermore,” then?

Come on Raven! Anyway, I’m hopefully gonna become a Human resources manager when I’m older, and move to OZ.

What do you wanna do when your older?

And me.

Translate The Bible into 1337;)

[sub]Hey, you didn’t say it had to be interesting or worthwhile…[/sub]

That was fun when we were doing that. I managed to learn 1337 that way! I’ll probably forget it though.

Got it in one, darling!


Clean your room!

How come nobody with this problem ever thinks of the solution “browse the boards”?

We’ve had at least three seperate threads with titles and themes exactly like this one in the last month or so that contained numerous links to some truly excellent ways to kill time.

My gutters need cleaning. So does the rest of my house. Wanna kill some time? There’s plenty here for you to do!:slight_smile:

Go down to the corner of 14th and 57th streets. Wait for a man in a green trenchcoat. Tell him “The junebugs are looking for their spackling solution.” He will know what to do.

(with much gratitude to Dave Barry)

You know what? Maybe being bored isn’t such a bad thing… I mean, who was it who said J’adore á rien faire!

Yeah… maybe I’ll just toddle off… revision ain’t so bad… I mean, I can’t die…

I’m sure my history notes are here… I just haven’t tidied my room yet…

If your room looks anything like my brother’s room, you’ll be searching for a long time…


And what lesson have you learned here?

Probably the same one I learned when I was your age…don’t ever say “I’m bored!” within earshot of an adult, because they WILL find something for you to do, and it will suck way worse than homework… :wink:

[Rainman]French Definitely French Definitely somebody French Definitely definitely french Definitely somebody French French French French Definitely - Definitely somebody Definitely somebody French.[/Rainman]

Please don’t take offense, but I find this ambition faintly depressing.

BTW, my wife’s a Human Resources manager, but at 17 I’ll bet that wasn’t her dream.