I'm bummed.

Had a nasty row with my former spouse. I’m being petty and I know it. But still couldn’t resist telling her, “Sucks being a single parent, doesn’t it?” when she called me on it. I’m not usually like that but she brings out the worst in me.

Found out my best friend has decided to bump her wedding day to the end of August and will be moving to Idaho. I am convinced that the family she is marrying into plans to cook and eat her on Thanksgiving. She thinks I’m crazy and refuses to listen to reason.

My date for this evening cancelled at the last minute. Interesting excuse, probably legit, but still I was looking forward to it. I had planned on spaghetti & homemade french bread with crushed garlic, butter & parma/romano. Then tie-dying curtains for my living room. Cherry cheesecake (made it last night) for dessert.

Another good friend just cancelled her engagement and is now looking for a place to live. No, I can’t help her with that.

I’m totally overthinking the details of a telephone conversation I had the other night with a woman I’m trying not to be nuts about. This is driving absolutely batshit.

And my goldfish, Pestillence, was found dead and partially eaten in the fish tank this morning.

Oddly though? I’m unmedicated and asymptomatic. I should feel good about that, but mostly I’m just blue.

Pictures of bugs!!

Cheer up… could be worse.

If your goldfish was the only inhabitant of the tank, then you got problems.

I don’t have a former (yet), but I am working on that shift in my brain from spouse to guy-whos-helping-me-raise-the-kids-and-lives-elsewhere. Except he still lives here. grumble grumble

I’m unmedicated too, but only because we’re out of chocolate.
So I’ll send hugs instead.

aside: how did your goldfish come to be named pestilence?

Sorry about that. I was just passing by and felt a bit peckish, and there was this fish…anyway, I didn’t have anything to do with the date canceling on you, no matter what they say.

Drown your sorrows in cheesecake. If you eat enough of it in one sitting, it’ll make you feel so miserable that you’ll just wish these were your only problems.

I used to have better advice, but I think I’m running down to the bottom of the bag, so you’re getting all the broken biscuits.


Thanks mousie.

Pestillence had a sister (I think. Never learned how to sex a goldfish) named Decay. My oldest daughter came up with the names for them. She’s a gothling in the making.

Stranger, I just might do it. I think I can get the whole thing down in one evening.

Well, it must be the night to be unhappy with ex’s (how do you spell that anyway?).

Today I downloaded my ex’s bankruptcy paperwork from three years ago. I am trying to figure out how he went from making $10 per hour at the time, to now being married to someone who has bought him a new SUV, a newish boat, and renting a summer home on the lake. And I am still working my a__ off, at the same pay, in the same house, at the same child support he was paying me three years ago.

Hang in there, Inigo. I think you’re in good company.

By the way, I didn’t have any plans tonight… and I am still hungry.

Stranger, you are one sick puppy. And you’re brilliant too, by the way. Just never had occasion to say so.

Never bite my fish again though or I shall feed you to my brace of ill-tempered sea bass. And yes, those are frickin laser beams sticking out of their frickin heads.

If I fail to report, double-oh-eight replaces me.



Your best friend is a turkey?

It’s complicated.

Those inter-species weddings usually are.

And yesterday, my car croaked. Not something I’m going to be able to fix and I can’t afford any sort of replacement.

And this morning I found out my job is changing and instead of working with smashed up cars I’ll be working with smashed up people. Not sure how i feel about that, but at least I still have a job, right?

And a little detective work has ruled out a couple more dating prospects (mercifully, NOT the one alluded to in the OP).

:frowning: How will you get to work?

You should feel very, very good about that.

Sorry so much suckiness is going on right now, though.

Why, I shall be demonstrating my amazing feets, of course! Work is about a 45 minute trudge. Uphill in the morning when it’s cool. So I get a couple good walks in each day to firm up my already muscular thighs, tone my buttocks and melt away years of visceral lard.

twickster, I’ve remembered to just say “No!” to mania thanks to you. And have recently started learning to refocus waves of depression with a similar technique. Absolutely amazing. (ditching Mrs. Montoya helped :smiley: )

I realize that change is good, but I’ve had enough for now I think.