I'm cold

because Someone, who shall remain nameless,
Opened all the windows and doors in the house!!!It’s fifty degrees out here! I’m sitting here huddled up in my winter jacket. Wait a second, I thought winter didn’t start Till November. Its OCTOBER! I should be able to wear short sleeves, not thick ones! Whenever I close the windows, she opens them back up! She’s a penguin!!! That’s why my brother and I blew up(not bomb) a photo of her face and stuck it to a cardboard penguin body and sung happy birthday in quacks(we weren’t sure what noise penguins made). I think I’ll go close the windows again…

Maybe your mom should see a doc. Could she be having those “hot flashes?” :slight_smile:

Put a sweater on. That’s what I did.

I should have such “problems”! I live in Los Hideous, where it’s hot ALL THE TIME!!! (Okay, it’s actually a fairly pleasant day. But still warmer than I like.)

I prefer cold, cloudy weather. And if it rains, so much the better. I prefer wearing flannel pyjama bottoms or sweat pants in the apartment.

Johnny L.A., come to Oklahoma for the fall/winter. The wind whipping through the plains or between the buildings on OSU campus gets damn frosty.

Go, go, Arden ranger!
Living the life of danger!

Nah I’m more of a Pacific Northwest type, myself. Oklahoma gets too hot. FWIW, I used to live in Lancaster (Mojave Desert). My high school was on a gentle slope leading to the foothills. We used to get some nice breezes (although seldom more than 30 or 40 knots) that swept from the snowy hills right onto the athletic field. Now it wasn’t much fun standing around in shorts ant T-shirts (nor later, when we swam in an outdoor pool), but once you put on a jacket it was nice.

I need to find someplace cold enough for me to wear my peacoat and “Captain Ramius” ushanka. It doesn’t snow enough in western Washington, but it’s the best weather overall that I’ve found.

Alright. Now you are just teasing me. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cold here too. October in Maine is not fun.

Its a freezing 20 odd degrees Celsius here (thats 70 odd F), and only one heater available. Still I am used to it the only time I have gotten all the way to towards mild was walking down the strip in Los Vegas in a leather jacket and jeans I believe it was 100+ F. Ah the joys of heat.