Dear Easterners, Please send weather.

It was supposed to be 80°F yesterday. I think it was hotter. All summer and fall I look forward to winter, because I can get some relief from the heat. Now it’s January and it’s hot. Back east people are freezing. Where’s the justice? How 'bout if the easterners get a break from the cold, and we get some of it out here?

Today’s morning temperature in Niagara Falls: -9 F. Wind chill between -11 and -15. (And when I woke up this morning and saw that on the news, my first response was to think, "Actually, that wind chill isn’t so bad.)

See, if we split the difference it will be about 45°F for each of us. Sounds good to me!

We got a dusting of snow on Thursday night, another one yesterday afternoon, and it was 8 degrees when I woke up an hour after sunrise.

All we need now is a history-making Northeast blizzard!!

Currently it’s 23 in Atlanta. It’s all yours for the taking. Way too cold for this girl!!

Please, help yourself! Windchills in the -20s and -30th. I’d be delighted to share, we’ve got more coldness than we need.

And it’d be great if you could send us back some of that warm, sunshiny goodness.

You’ll have to wait for April.

Weather? What is this “weather” you speak of??

scout1222: Weather is when sometimes it’s not sunny and hot. It happens other places.

Well I’ll be dipped…


No, we don’t want you easterners weather. I live in Idaho, where it is 45 degrees out, and it is nice to be able to walk around my campus in a t-shirt.

Well, if you wait until the temperature rises 10 or 20 degrees, I suppose I could ship you a box of rain.

Growing up in Los Angeles I never understood the 4 seasons thing I learned about in school. But now that I’ve lived where they had 4 seasons, well… I LOVE 4 seasons!



Just came in from outside. It’s official. It’s freaking hot!

Weather bug agrees with you Johnny. 75 going up to mid 80s is just


in January.

I think I’ll stay in today.

I’m sooooooooooo depressed.

OK, I just tried huffing and puffing in what I think is a westerly direction, but the only noticeable result for me was a dizzy headache.

Did it help?

Take my weather…please! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m serious… Take it - it’s crap. brrrrrr :eek:

Johnny, I never dreamed I’d say this to you, especially after Scotticher and I fought over you, but I hate you. You and Scout1222. I watched the Super Bowl yesterday and saw gorgeous sunshine as snow continued to fall here. This morning, it was -3 Farenheit and when I went out to run errands at 1:30 this afternoon, my fingers went numb despite my gloves.

I have friends who claim to be weather witches, friends in Maine. They’ve been a bit busy of late, but arrangements can be made! I think it’s against my ethics, but there’s a chance I could be persuaded otherwise. On second thought, scratch that. I just pictured the Rule of 3 applied to my weather, and I’d kind of like to get above freezing before July.

You will pay for this in the end, though. For now, just picture me sticking a hatfull of snow down your back!


:: mwah ::

Love ya, cj! I live about 5 miles away from where the Superbowl was played yesterday.

I knew, when I saw the weather, that those who were suffering from the cold snap that’s pretty much everywhere but here, would be yearning to be out west.

I love this weather. Yesterday we were grilling ribs and chicken on the roof, watching the Super Bowl…shirt sleeves…it was tremendous. Saturday at the beach it was gorgeous. Ad beleive me, I grew up in Wisconsin, so I know what winter is really like.