Dear Easterners, Please send weather.

Snow! Glorious snow! Ahhhhhhh!

Just melt some of that snow and drop it all over us. What I wouldn’t give to feel rain again…


Right now it’s about 20 below zero without windchill (and it is pretty windy out there).

Keep it. Just back your car up to my area, take it, and drive away. Far far away…

It’s going to be in the 80s for the next couple of days. :rolleyes:

Jesus dancing on a raft! What’s it going to be like in the summer?

Speak for yourself. I LOVE winter. It’s my favorite season. I wait for it eagerly all year, and get sort of depressed when spring comes and means it’s over. If it snowed 4 days a week, every week of the year, I’d be happy. Overjoyed, actually. I absolutely LOATHE anything over about 75. I grew up in the west and I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate the heat. I hate warm winters. I hate hot summers. I HATE IT!

This cold snap is paradise for me. I am loving it. My only gripe is that it hasn’t snowed more.

Hear, hear!

It’s okay in the summer.

I lived in San Diego until I was 15. Even as a child I “lived for” cold weather, fog and rain. At least in Lancaster it would get into the teens during the winter. (Summers were another matter, but I had a dirt bike to keep the air evaporating the sweat.)

Sure we’ll send you some weather, but you also have to take our humidity come summer.

[sub]You think 80 in L.A. is hot? 70 with humidity will fricking kill you.[/sub]

Ugh. At least at 70°, there’s usually a bit of a breeze.
How about in August, when it’s 98° and the humidity is 95% for days on end?
You know, the three H’s? Hazy, Hot, & Humid?
When they warn people not to go outside because it’s TOO FREAKING HOT?

Count me in with the Cold-Lovers. I hate Maryland from June through September. I’d rather be cold than hot. That Mid-Atlantic humidity sucks donkey dicks.
I’d like days of 60°-65°, with the nights about 45°-50° so I could sleep with the windows open. That’s heaven!

Here’s my take on hot and cold. First of all, I’m more comfortable when it’s cold. I like the feel of a heavy jacket. When it’s cold, you can generally get warm. When it’s hot, it can be difficult to get cool.

Occasionally it can get a little brisk in L.A. Not often enough, but occasionally. I think it was two years ago when it was cold in the winter. I simply put another blanket on when I slept. (I suppose I could have put some clothes on, but I didn’t feel the need to get silly about it.) During the day it was quite pleasant in my peacoat. I’ve slept on a friend’s floor in norhtern Washington. He had a heater in the living room, but I shut the bedroom door because A) he stays up later than I do and the light and television would have kept me awake, and B) he had a large dog that liked to come in the room and step on sleepers. It really was colder than I normally like for sleeping; but I had my winter-weight army-surplus sleeping bag and once I was covered with that I was as toasty as can be. During the day when I was outside, my peacoat kept me warm.

On the other hand there was my first trip to New Orleans. We were shooting my friend’s first feature-length film. It was August. He had almost no income, so he lived in two rooms on the ground level underneath a house (basically it was a ground-level basement). There was a small air conditioner in each of the rooms, but the one where I was sleeping was not up to the task of beating the summer Gulf Coast heat. During the day we did a lot of outdoor shots. It was 95°F and 100% humidity. When I took a shower I didn’t know when to stop toweling off. When it rained, the sun would come out shortly after and it was like breathing water. I sweated constantly. The only relief was after the sun went down and then only if there was a breeze. We shot in the second floor of an apartment and we couldn’t run the air conditioner (which would fail occasionally anyway because of the strain on the electrical circuits) because it was too noisy. We were running thousands of watts of lighting in and around a small room. We had to mop the actors after each take. There’s a photo someplace on my webpage that shows me pretty-well drenched.

I used to live in the Mojave desert. Teens in the winter, 110°F or so in the summer. I definitely preferred the winter.

So when it’s cold, I put on warm clothes or if I’m sleeping then I put on a warm blanket. No worries. When it’s hot, it’s just hot. Unless you have good a/c, you’re out of luck. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that the coldest weather I’ve been in was only 4°F below zero°F – without taking the wind-chill into account – and it was not uncomfortable.

You people are nuts.

Either that, or I am an orchid. I NEED the temps to be in the high 70s at the very least. Humidity? Yes, please! When other people are bitching about the heat (and in Chicago, it can get well into the 100s in August) I am in heaven. I could happily live in a greenhouse.

When shall I expect you to come get all this white garbage off my driveway?

Happy now, hon? :slight_smile:

Heh heh. You must be loving the weather we’ve been having over the past two weeks or so.

I must say, when I look out at the rolling hills across the freeway from the building here, they are actually GREEN now, not that horrid, dead tan color.

Aye. :slight_smile:

Green is good! Actually, I missed the weather here last week. I was up in northern Washington. It was cloudy Wednesday, sunny and about 50°F Thursday, cloudy Friday, Sunny and about 50°F Saturday with a little drizzle in the evening, and drizzling on Sunday. :slight_smile: Yup. Nice weather! :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying it now. I just hope there will be more of it.