I'm disoriented (back at old job)

My self image has always relied on a snarky, why would anybody like me? attitude. Except I’m back at a job I held since 2012, and people are FAWNING over me, like I’m a longlost relative. They like me. They really LIKE me! I find that a great reference.

Today, A came over and and she was showering me with happiness that I was back. Serious. I always considered her a Plan B, despite her Trumpist tendencies. As mentioned before, my past is littered with Republican women. And she’s put on a couple while I put off a lot, but I stopped caring.

My greatest care is walking better before I ask her out, though we are both at the point where being capable of standing each trumps all.

That’s so surprising, isn’t it? You walk into a place and people greet you like “OMG I’m so HAPPY to see YOU” and you try to get out of the way thinking they’re talking to someone behind you but no, they’re talking to you!

Really! Look, I’m not the king of self admiration and assume I live in the background. OTOH, A has a couple brothers who work there, and it probably didn’t hurt that I’d ask one or the other, “How’s that cute sister of yours doing?” about once a month. But that doesn’t explain all the others who said, “I heard you were back and I was looking for you.” Mostly women. Kinda cool.

You’re popular! With great power comes great responsibility. :wink: