In what ways do you THINK people treat you differently because of how you are?

Do you think people treat you differently because you are tall? Short? Fat? Attractive? I think these are somewhat obvious questions, but the point of this thread is to glean personalobservations from people about variations. Personally, I am a 6’4", 300+ pound man. I’ve found that people tend to be more polite and/or low-key around me than they are with other people. Just being male seems to have an effect, too. Example: I’ve answered phones for the local office of a national company for about six months. Because of the nature of our business, about 95% of our callers are women, and I have had exactly ONE be rude to me. My replacement for breaks, lunch, etc. is the classic “little old lady,” and I hear a completely different story from her. At least several times a week she gets told off, usually at length. I’ve puzzled over this, and can only surmise that these women don’t feel they have any leverage if it’s a male voice. (and I have a deep, baritone voice, too.) Odd as it seems, the evidence backs this up. I’ve observed her at times, and know that she is not being rude.
I also frequent my local YMCA, which is a very family-oriented place. I am one of the few people there in the 21-30 age bracket, and one of very few with multiple tattoos. I find this gets me a lot of looks from the suburban, white, teenaged clientele.

So, what about you? Do your teachers resent you because you wear a black trenchcoat? Have a Mohawk? Etc?

People are always trying to kill me just because I’m trying to kill them.

I occasionally find that someone seems to think that I’m a bit fragile just because of my apparent age. Also age-related is that many people tend to watch their language, assuming that anything more vulgar than “damn” or “hell” will offend my ancient sensibilities.

When my daughter was in high school she met some very judgemental teachers. She was into hair colors that are not at all unusual to today’s teens.

The sad truth is that we often do judge others simply by their appearance.

Lizard, I’m not at all surprised that the mere sound of your voice is enough to daunt female callers who would be rude to another female voice.

i’m very small, 5 feet tall, 98 pounds.

i get doors held open for me, complete strangers offer to help me with my shopping, that sort of thing.

especially with male friends, i seem to push all sorts of “over-protective” buttons.

i’m perfectly capable of looking after myself, but i’m the one who gets offers from people to walk me home, or to wait with me for a taxi, etc.

i’ve learnt not to tell any male friends if i’ve been hassled at a bar, they’re much more likely to call the guy out if it’s me, rather than one of my taller friends.

in some ways it’s nice, in others, not so.
i don’t need constant reminders of my vulnerability…especially since i’m not as vulnerable as they seem to think.

I must come across as cold and unsocialable since I don’t seem to invite very many people to strike up a conversation. While I am shy and introverted, I don’t mind talking to people as long as the topic is of mutual interest or is related to the task at hand and that I am not put on the spot or am otherwise embarassed. Every time I move into a new environment, such as a change in jobs, people quickly pick up on my apparent reluctance to talk to them. Perhaps co-workers see me as someone with the potential for going postal on them, seeing that I am one of those quiet ones who doesn’t talk much but is always looking around and usually thinking about something.

I must not be too attractive to the opposite sex. My guy friends are always talking about how women hit on them and flirt with them all the time (some of them may be exaggerating, though). It’s not like I’m ignoring the women. I’m always taking furtive glances at attractive females and every now and then one will catch me in the act. As far as I know there haven’t been too many women whom I have sensed looking me over. FTR I’m 33 years old, 5’ 4" (short for a guy), I have brown hair and glasses. I have a fair complexion with no blemishes and I’m usually clean-shaven. I do have lots of body hair which is mostly visible on my forearms, which may be turning some people off.

Men and women think I’m easy because I have big boobs and a nice body. I’m also flirty and a bit outrageous. That really doesn’t mean I’m easy, but it seems to leave a general impression that I might be.

Those who see me venerate my chiselled features and sculpted body. Those who know me fear my razor wit and my brobdingnagian intellect.


I get agism all of the time. I am 33 as well, but I do not look it. I’m 6’1 and a lean 200 pounds blond hair and hazel eyes. I have students of mine asking me out, and thinking I am a grad student teaching their class. Usually an upper classman will let them know I am married and OLD. But hey I can’t complain… It’s attention. right, and being a psych instructor is fun in it’s own right. But I still get carded though and that can be a little unfortunate sometimes…

I get stereotyped as a dumb Italian thanks to Rocky Balboa, The Sopranos, and characters like Joey on friends. Thousand of years of culture and heritage thrown out the window because of media stereotypes.

Not all women are that superficial, dwc. I wouldn’t necessarily believe what your friends tell you unless you’ve seen it yourself either. It is hard to believe that they ALWAYS have women hitting on them. Maybe it’s just bragging. Women are used to being looked at, by the way. If you really want to get to know them, for something besides how they look, talk to them. Of course there will still be women who blow you off and won’t even talk to you, but consider that a blessing. You probably wouldn’t want to have a relationship with someone who puts so much stock in appearance anyway. On the other hand, you could meet someone you really like.

I’m stereotyping you right now without even seeing your boobs!

And if your flirty and outrageous, can ya really blame anyone?


Well, I look more outrageous than I really am. What’s that line from Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

I’m a huge baseball fan. Many men have difficulties with this. I’m a 24-year-old woman, and any number of guys, upon discovering my devotion to baseball, have decided to “test” me, asking me insulting easy questions about the sport’s history and rules. I am not particularly fond of these interrogations.

So Kyla uhh! whose one first???

I couldn’t resist bows and receeds*

I’m applying for jobs as a civil engineer, and I keep running up against the middle-aged-white-man gauntlet. I’m a young female, blonde, and apparently don’t look old enough to be graduating from college. It’s a hard task convincing people that I am not at all flaky and I am just as capable as the other male graduates, and to hire me dammit!

I get the “small” treatment too. People even monitor what I eat. It’s kind of cute sometimes, but other times it gets a little tiresome. I’m not as helpless as people think, although I am much moreso now than before I met my husband. He’s always making “small” comments.

I used to be a normal size, and now I’m getting fat. I feel more invisible now, like members of the opposite sex immediate dismiss me as anyone interesting and don’t even see me. I also think some women don’t respect me as much.

It doesn’t bother me a lot; it’s just something I’ve noticed.

Lately, I’ve had young guys offer to carry stuff for me. Now I’m far from buff and far too close to 50, but I’m fairly strong and I can handle a 40# bag of dog food from the store to my car. Five years ago, they weren’t making these offers. I have no gray hair and I don’t think I walk like an old lady. Goodness knows, I don’t give off “helpless” vibes… I least I’m pretty sure I don’t.

Do I really look that old??

6’0", shaved head or mohawk, face piercings, always smiling (not happy, more like The Joker (long story*)), and people generally avoid me - which is fine by me.

  • I used to practice smiling like the joner so much growing up that when I smile now it’s either really cool or really creepy depending on my mood

ok thats wasnt so long

joner? WTF is a joner?


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