She's Gone (And I'm Sober)

Ok, Acting on the permission of, who was it, SkipMagic, I am reposting this while sober.
She’s been out of my life only a few days and I’m already feeling close to normal. I will be back to normal in good time.
I have some reputation rebuilding to do. online and at work. Online I have to not be a pathetic loser. At work I have to get out of a few bad habits picked up while not being able to put my full attention on the tasks at hand.

About the pit thread re: posting while drunk, I have a few things to say, more specifically about certain replies.

I resent the implication that this ‘relationship’ was all in my head. We had a genuine friendship for many months and when things turned sour and her problems surfaced in a big way. She affected everyone she worked with in different ways. Including my Boss who was the next in line to recieve daily problems and complaints from her regarding her personal life.

Today the boss said to the entire office. “Things should be more normal round here now and [y] have gone” (refering to her, and the acomplice asshole who also made everyone’s work like hell)

I also resent implications that I was an obsessive stalker. I admit I was obsessive but if anything I kept my distance and tried as hard as I could manage to seem together and ok. And offline I think I managed it (but not online as you all know)

Gripes over… I am looking forward to getting my life back and slowly but surely taking advantage of the evolved position and status (despite my ‘emotional issues’) at work.

You’re neither pathetic nor a loser. You just kind of freaked us all out over the past six months or so posting and posting and posting and posting and posting and posting and posting and posting about the same exact thing no matter what we said. :frowning:

What can I say? It happens. Live and learn. Good luck with work.

That thread title sounds like a country song…

I think we’ve all had to work with that one jerkface that makes our professional lives miserable. My last job I worked with this guy who, on a personal basis was genuinely a freakin’ great guy. He had a sense of humour, he was always nice, and had some great anecdotes from his former life as a ladykiller in Guyana – not to mention his being around for Jonestown. Let me tell you, he was hip for a geezer.

Professionally though, as God is my witness, this guy could stick a lump of coal up his arse and shit diamonds by day’s end. He poked his nose into everyone’s business whether or not his position as supervisor actually covered their department, constantly asking what everyone was doing and micro-managing ever single minute detail. And the he’d complain that he had to babysit everyone because his voluminous orders weren’t followed to the T. I tell you if we had more employees there would have been a coup.

Then before that, at yet a previous job we were given a coordinator who was marvellously adept at exploring the very breadth and depth of bitchdom. To say she was a bitch didn’t even touch the surface; she lasted only two months before being demoted to one of us because we were constantly whinging to upper management about her gestapo tactics and generally horrible attitude. And she got nice in a hurry when she was busted down to our level, lemme tell you. Maybe too nice – she kept doing and saying things that made me think she was hitting on me (despite being married). Made me throw up in the back in my throat a little…

Once away from the light-distorting waves of black assholishness emanating from the parties responsible for bringing hell to Earth, though, things got a lot better, and quickly. When we’re stuck in those situations though it’s all we seem to be able to think about – and for some, talk about. I’m sure this was no different.

That’s why I like visiting Customers Suck. It’s a great, cathartic place to go to bitch about customers, co-workers, management and all things employment-related. It may not have quite the same calibre of talent we have in the 'dope, but it’s fun nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Lobsang I have to echo what Linty Fresh said and add that I’m glad your feeling better with her out of your life. Good luck to you.

Lobsang, good on you. Obsessive addictive “love” has happened to many, many of us. Think of the past episode as one of life’s more intense (but not necessarily pleasant) experiences, like hiking on foot through the Brazilian rainforest or something. The experience becomes more worthwhile if you give a lot of thought in the next months to what lessons, exactly, you have learnt and want to learn from all this.

Now, do just a little more grovelling, do a bit of welcome-wagon-duty on SD, help a few old ladies cross the street for us, and all’s forgiven and you’re back in the family’s bosom. :slight_smile:

Good to have you back, Lobsang, and looking forward to your posts. :slight_smile:

Excellent news. A warm welcome back to the “old” Lobsang :slight_smile:

Been there, Lobsang. You just gotta remember one thing:


Its the new Hakuna Matata. When you’re pissed, just Chillax. And welcome back.

Sorry to say but things usually get worse after that first few days of feeling peaceful. Good luck though.

Lobsang, you’ll have good days and bad days over the next several months, but eventually more and more good ones. This chapter is closed in your life. Time to start writing new and better ones.

No offence, but THANK GOD!

And welcome back. :slight_smile:

Good to see it’s finally over.

Welcome back.

All right, Lobsang, glad to have you back, now get involved in some of the Pratchett threads!

Thanks for all the replies and stuff.

I got out of the habit of posting here except for drunk posts or posts about her. I hope to get back into the habit. I want to be [an active] part of an online community again and there’s no better online community than this one.

It doesn’t sound like you’ve learned much yet. It sounds like you’re still blaming everyone but yourself for your problems.

I do hope that you get your shit together and make a good life for yourself. I wish you all the happiness in the world.