She's gone.

You know that girl who made Lobsang’s life a living hell for the past year?

She was sacked today.

She’s out of my life.

Many here made out that I was the problem and she wasn’t. Well I assure you all she was a very big problem for everyone. two days ago I had a long conv with my boss in which I couldn’t get a word in edgeways through him describing what an utter nutcase and pain in the arse she is/was.

I am posting this from my phone via gprs and a small keyboard and under the proverbial influence so please forgive me if “the fingers you used to dial are too big”

That is because my adsl internet is down and the reason for which is so far undiagnosed.

anyway, part of me still loves her but another part of me is over the moon and knows that soon enough I will be my old self in one way and new improved self in other ways.

Well, good. Now you can move on to the grieving process, and finally be done with it. It can only get better from here.

Just don’t ever try to contact her. Ever.

Lobsang, I believe you’ve been told this before (pardon me if I’m wrong), but since I don’t want to check at this moment, I’ll just make this an official note and not a warning:

Please do not post while drunk, under the influence, stoned, lit, bombed, doped, smashed, loaded, high, tripping, liquored up, soused, stewed, plowed, inebriated, plastered, fried, juiced, tipsy, pissed, plotzed, crapulous, soddened, shit-faced, three sheets to the wind (or in the wind–just stay away from everything more powerful than a lazy breeze), in your cups, or any other term indicating that either drugs or alcohol might be guiding your fingertips.

When you sober up, you’re welcome to start a new thread, but refrain from posting when you’re drunk.