I'm drunk and pathetic and need to spill my guts

I’m also wondering what the hell you could have said that she’s so upset about it so far after the insult. Hmmm…I’m trying to think of things that would bother me months after…

If someone said I wasn’t as good in bed as your ex, that would bother me, but not enough to break up with you.

Ohhh! Or if you’d called out another name in bed! Actually, nah, I’d just think it was funny.

I can’t imagine what it could possibly be.

That’s if she is lucky.


“put on this sheep costume and say ‘baaaaaaaaa’ for me”

Methinks there’s a bit more to this tale. Maybe a sober Priceguy will fill us in later.

I’m sober now, but unfortunately there isn’t much more to say. It’s more than one thing, but it all comes down to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Stuff like that.

But it’s working out. We had this talk Friday evening where she told me she’d missed me that day and I basically broke down in tears and asked if that meant that maybe there was a tiny ray of hope for us. She said of course, and it’s been better since. Everything isn’t all right yet, and we are going to a therapist, but it’s working out. I hope. This weekend has been a better time than we’ve had in quite some time.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Glad to hear there’s a ray of sunshine, Priceguy.

Best of luck, Priceguy.
Thanks for the update.