I'm getting the feeling you only want to hit me 'cause I'm white.

Not exactly Pit-worthy and I don’t swear often, so here goes.

So, I went out to this club with my buds last night. It’s an okay place… usually pretty packed and the DJ is good. We got there about 12:30… I got a shot of vodka and a beer and then followed my friends over to one of these tables next to the dance floor. I mostly go just to people watch as I’m 6’5" and look like an absolute doofus when I dance.

I’m sitting there minding my own business when this black gentleman, and I use that term loosely, comes up and starts macking on my buddies wife. She’s a tough chic and can handle herself, but I was still keeping an eye on her. I could tell she was starting to get uncomfortable with his advances and no matter how many times she turned him down, he kept pressing. When he grabbed her shoulder that was it. I turned to them and said,

“Hey dude. She said ‘no’. Go find someone else, 'cause she’s married.”

To which he responded, “Shut the f*ck up white boy… mind your business”.

I laughed. Prolly not the best thing to do. So he gets up in my face.

“You her husband?”

“No. But my friend here obviously isn’t interested…” Trying to difuse the situation, “Come on… I’ll buy ya a beer and we’ll just drop it alright?”

“Fck you. You gonna buy me a beer? I’m gonna fcking kick your little white ass.”

Hmmm… I think to myself. This guy has some race issues. Now here’s where I got stupid. I said to him, “No you won’t” and stood up. Funny thing about me standing up… as I mentioned, I’m 6’5" and weigh about 225. I towered over the guy… looked down at him and laughed again. Then I happened to look around. The guy has a posse. One, two, three… seven. Sht… seven guys… I might be fcked.

So, now the little he-bitch gets right up next to me and starts trying to muscle me. I just stood my ground and watched as he kept bouncing off of my chest and yelling all this racist bullsht. "Fck you cracker… blah blah blah blah…" and his buddies are all doing the same saying stuff like “Yeah… fuck his ass up…” etc…

At this point everyone else started to take notice and I had quite a crowd watching me. Every security guy in the place made their way over and got in between home-slice and myself. It was over pretty quickly at that point 'cause he got up in one of the white bouncer’s faces and started spouting off the same sh*t. His posse still echoing him. Not a smart idea. I know most of the bouncers at this club and am friends with them. He got thrown out… after much pushing and carrying on. For a moment I thought we were gonna have an all-out brawl.

So, I watch g-money and his homeys get thrown out and sit back down to my beer. People keep coming up and asking what was going on. I just told them that the guy was prolly a little too drunk and had some race issues.

About 10 minutes later two cops come into the club and walk over to me. They inform me that the guy had taken a swing at one of the bouncers while they were keeping him outside. Then asked me a few questions. I apologized for causing a scene, and the cop tells me I wasn’t in the wrong and that they’d had trouble with this exact same guy at another club earlier that evening. I couldn’t help but smile when they told me they arrested him.

That was my exciting night. The rest was pretty much a wash because I went into fight mode and had trouble just enjoying the atmosphere after that. According to my friends tho’ I’m “one crazy mother f*cker” for holding my ground against 8 other guys. I guess that’s bravery.

Anyway… this sh*t just seems to happen way too often… on both sides of the race spectrum. Did I mention that I absolutely hate the Southeast?

Oh well… that’s a completely different rant.

Posted by Simetra: “Did I mention that I absolutely hate the Southeast?”

Sorry you had some trouble, man, but: Are you implying that fights in joints on Saturday night are somehow limited to the Southeast?
I’ve seen the same thing in Boston and Detroit, both ways as to who instigated the racial thing, so what’s with you hating the Southeast? Or, as you stated, is that truly a completely different rant?

Once I was waiting for the bus in Kingston, Jamaica, and this local guy comes over and sits right next to me on the bench. I moved down, and he moved down. I stood up. He asked me out. I said, “You know, I’m not interested at all.” He kept pushing till I told him to give it a rest, I’m happily married and not interested in a date with him. So he says, “You just don’t want to go out with me because I’m black.”

(Yes, and so is practically everybody else but me on the island.) So I looked him in the eye and said, "No, you are confused. I don’t dislike you because you’re black. I don’t like you because you are a jerk.

I live in a house with ten other people - all of whom I had never met until August of this past year. The school I go to is where the “minorities” are majority and the “majority” is the minority. I have endured many racist issues and gotten past them all. I think in everone, there is a bit of leariness when it comes to another race because it’s all in the way a person was raised. My room-mate and I are different races - I am white and native american and she is black and puerto rican. I get my share of racist remarks and I am sure never to toss them back… most of what we refer to just some sick humor… If it does get serious, assume immaturity or ignorance to their cultural diversity… That is what I do.

Having grown up in the southeast, I can sympathize with Simetra.
Jown Carter, yes, people can start fights with racial overtones anywhere in the country (or just fights in general). But the southeast is much, much more racially charged. Any disagreement at all is instantly escalated to a racial issue. The slightest thing can turn into a problem between the races. Even silly things that would normally not be overlooked in other parts of the country.

I don’t think a lot of people understand just how bad it can be in some areas of the southeast. The racial tension is almost palatable. I’m glad I moved away. But trips home on vacation sure is a culture shock at times.
(BTW, I’m from a crappy little pissant town near Tallahassee, Florida)

He threatened you with violence while shouting racial slurs???

Hate crime.

The other week, I helped some tram workers to escort a few Morrocan kids off the vehicle. They were smoking inside the tram, harrassing people who told them to put out their cigarettes.

Just to make this clear: smoking is not permitted on trams in Amsterdam, and this is clearly signposted. Amsterdam has a significan Morrocan population - most of them came to Holland in the late 60’s and 70’s, as “guest labourers” when our economy was booming and we couldn’t find a Dutchman to pick up the garbage in the streets, essentially. Of course, many of them staid and brought their families over. The sharp contrast of the often rural, very Muslim background of these new compatriots with a city that has to rank pretty high in the “Sodom & Gomorrah Top Ten” has proven difficult at times, but in fairness, the vast majority of the Morrocans are blending in just great.

Not these three kids. After they had repeatedly ignored the requests to put out the cigaretts, the driver stopped the car and pushed the kids out with the help of a few passengers. After the closing of the doors, they proceeded to bang on the side of the tram, calling those still inside “a bunch of fucking racists”.

I guess if you’re looking for offense, you’ll always find some.

There’s a lot more to my rant about the Southeast than just racial tension. It’s the worst place I’ve ever lived, but I shan’t get into that.

I suggest you read Theios’s post because he said it pretty well, but allow me to echo him. I’ve lived in three different parts of the country in my lifetime… the Northeast, the Midwest, and the Southeast. And I’ve partied in cities in all of them… from Boston, Mass to Dayton, Ohio to Atlanta, GA. I can’t speak for the western part of the nation, but never has the racial tension been more obvious anywhere than it is here in the SE. Every little problem becomes an issue of white vs. black, hispanic vs. asian, etc. etc. etc… It’s annoying and stupid and a part of the reason that I hate this part of the country with an all consuming passion. Sure, there were some culture problems elsewhere, but never to the extreme that I’ve experienced here. I just hate it, and that’s all I’m gonna say about it for fear of putting my foot in my mouth.

Simply put… this experience was just icing on my hate the Southeast cake.

Which makes your stated location somewhat ironic… :eek:

I thought “Chocolatetown” referrd to Hershey, PA, the Chocolate Capital of the World.

I disagree that the Southeast is more racially charged. New York city has had strong racial divisions, as has LA. Racism is not limited to one region of the US.

Well Simetra, I’m truly sorry you’re not enjoying your stay here. I like this part of the country.
The last time I was at “The Pie” I went with one other guy and two girls(all four of us white) and there was no indication of any sort of disturbance or tension. Just a rockin’ good time. I guess the YMMV thing is at full play in this case.

I am a 45 year old white woman and I work in a very large hospital. I have a lot of black patients.

A few weeks ago I was taking care of a patient with sickle cell crisis. He was very manipulative and very noncompliant with his treatment. He was receiving dilaudid thru his Patient Controlled pump and could have nausea medicine every four hours and was constantly questioning when he had his last dose was and trying to get his meds earlier than scheduled.

I gave him his phenergan at midnight–it was Saturday night going into Easter Sunday. From 12 to 2:30 am he ate 2 sandwiches, 3 cokes, 3 juices, several packages of cheese and crackers, and a whole pile of cookies and milk. At 3 am he asked for his nausea medicine. I told him it was an hour and half early and I would give it as soon as I could.

Then I asked him if he was really nauseated because his appetite was good and he wasn’t vomiting. I asked if he was using the phenergan more for nausea or to help with pain control cause if it was a pain issue, we might need to get his pain med increased.

He said it wasn’t any of my business why he wanted it and and demanded that I call the doctor ----AT 3 AM Easter Sunday and get the ok to give his med early. I told him I was not going to call the doctor that time of night because he had overeaten and suggested that he just stop eating for a few minutes and I would give his med when due. He told me that “I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. It ain’t slavery times any more and you guys can’t tell us what to do anymore.”

I asked him if he was really accusing me of being a racist and he said he didn’t like being told what to do. I just left the room, let the supervisor know what was going on and gave his med as ordered.

The point of this long drawn out story is that any body can make anything a race issue if they want to. First make sure that it’s not and then try not to take the bait.

Cute things kids say:
My husband and I are white and our (adopted) son is black. One day we were working in the yard and asked our then-seven year old to grab a rake and help us. He responded, “I’m not your slave. You can’t put me in chuckles.”

Found out later he was learning about African American history in school. (Chuckles = shackles)

“I hate this part of the country with an all consuming passion. Sure, there were some culture problems elsewhere, but never to the extreme that I’ve experienced here. I just hate it”

Maybe all your hate is somehow shining through your forehead, causing the hate in others to come to the fore and clash with yours.

My sister used to work at “The Pie” and she usually would mention the “rednecks” as being problem-causers. Not to diminish your experience, Simetra, I’m sure it just added fuel to your already burning hate. I’ve had a similar experience (not here, in New Orleans) which may have been because I was white and the crowd was black, but I think it was mostly because the crowd was ignorant, and I don’t hate New Orleans because of it.