I'm going crazy! Help me identify this song?

I only remember some of the lyrics…

I’m tired of rock-n-rollin’
Let’s get married baby,
let’s go bowling.
Throw away our weed and acid
spend the weekend at Lake Placid

It’s hard for me to say I’m not deranged
How’s about you and me gettin’ normal for a change?

Could it be “Normal” by Martin Mull?


It might be—but I can’t get the clip to play from your link. I searched all over for lyrics to it, and the only little bit I could find was “cut our hair so they don’t hate us.” That sounds vaguely familiar. I guess I’ll have to go to the music store.


You’re welcome Dolores Reborn

I found this at another messageboard [no link to a Martin Mull site, or further lyrics. Just this] :
“Well, I’m tired of rockin’ and rollin’
Let’s get married, honey, let’s go bowlin’.
We’ll throw away our pot and acid,
Spend the weekend in Lake Placid.
It’s so hard to live in this town when you’re strange
What say you and I get normal for a change.”
—Martin Mull

More lyrics (from memory)

“What say you and I get normal
We don’t have to be so formal
We’ll just sit and watch TV like others do.
We’ll eat meat and mashed potatoes
Comb our hair so folks don’t hate us
Life is nuts enough just living here with you.”

(And the final refrain adds…)

“Living here with you and Bobby McGoo.”

“…it’s goinna change us darling even musically
we’ll get our records through the mail
and a set of lousy speakers…”
[flashback]I’m fond of that song, Dolores. It was on a reel to reel playing in the background at our little hippie wedding, way back in 1974.[/tedious babyboomer reminiscence]