I'm going to Dragon Con! All I can say is, "w00t!!"

<does a little happy dance>

I’m so excited… Just got my tickets today. I know it’s not for a month, but this is like my first actual Con. It oughta be sweet. I can’t wait to do a little gaming, see some cool art and some even cooler people.

I know some dopers are going. Anyone wanna get together and hang out? My buddy and I have a room at the Hyatt, so we’re right there. :slight_smile: ((We’ll have lots of beer.))


I think there are already some plans in the works. There’s another thread about this someplace. I haven’t seen it since before the board was supposed to go down (did it ever actually go down that weekend?) but there’s several people going. Never thought I’d actually meet anybody from this board, but what the hell.

All I know is that the last I heard was people were probably going to meet at or very near the main hotels, because none of the out-of-towners want to drive.

Woo-hoo! I can’t wait either!

Oooh, Oooh! Get Traci Lords(from First Wave) autograph for me! I love that show and I think she’s going to be there!


Traci Lords? Where do I know that name…

Oh, right, she’s on First Wave! There’s no other reason why I might have heard of Traci Lords, other than the fact she’s on First Wave. That’s her claim to fame.

I wish I could go too, Simetra. Have a good time for me, willya? :slight_smile:

If you run into any of the Atlanta IFGSers, ask 'em why they didn’t come to Valedium. The response should be entertaining.

(I just got back from Valedium IV, a 3-day IFGS game in Colorado.)

Cool. Well, I’m all about it. If anyone wants to get together and have a beer or something, I’ll be staying in the Hyatt. I guess just go to the front desk or something and leave a message for Stephen Watkins. :smiley:

I’m going… w00t! :slight_smile:

Verrain, manhattan, and I will be at the Marriott Marquis. :smiley:

Since none of us really want to get out in a hot, humid, late summer Southern day, we can meet in one of the hotel bars or even in one of our rooms.

It’s just a matter of when we do it.

Yeah, I mentioned First Wave because that’s the only place I’ve seen her. She had another career? Really? Gosh, you’re the first person since she joined First Wave to point that out.

Also, I figured I’d mention First Wave incase he was wondering why she’s at DragonCon(it’s not one of her old movies).