I'm going to pass my final exams soon!

Not too long a time in the future, I will put an end to my 13 years school career. Final exams coming up.

FYR, I’ll have a physics exam on May 3, a Latin exam on May 8 and an English one on May 10. From May 18 through June 2, I’ll have Whitsun break and afterwards an oral exam in politics/government. In the end of June, we’ll be given our diploma (German Abitur, FYI. Hopefully.), and Schnitte will be an ex-student. At least until he signs up for university next year.

The written exams will take, IIRC, 210 or 240 minutes, the orla one 30. Not too pointless to me, all this, but fits here better than anywhere else on the Boards.

So if you have any idle unoccupied fingers, keep them crossed for me :wink:

Horray! Almost done! Would that I could start my countdown so soon. Good luck!