I'm going to Tampa is a Dopefest Possible & Car advise

Thanks to Spirit Air’s low low rates I’m going to Tampa Sept 2nd to the 5th. I will be staying with relatives so I don’t need a place to stay. However getting to the relatives will be difficult.

I know it’s a holiday weekend but I’m hoping to meet up with some dopers. My family does not understand online communities so any meet would have to be at a bar or resturant.

I think I need a car because a cab from the airport to my aunt’s house in New Tampa would be expensive.

So help me find a car for three heavy people because my father is comming too and my mother will be down there already.

Yes, New Tampa is probably a bit expensive from the airport. You might also look into one of the Airport Limo services, it might be cheaper than a car for the weekend, especially if you don’t need a separate ride. Other than that, there are all of the car rentals you could think of. The rates should be fine, but they do get you on a lot of little taxes.

I’d be happy for a meet if I am around then. I’m sure others will be around eventually, although it’s rather rainy out today, so perhaps they are cowered under their desks.