I'm Gonna Be (500 Posts)

Well I would post five hundred times
And I would post five hundred more…

Other than to dredge up an old Proclaimers song, and to quietly celebrate reaching half-a-K, this post is here merely to state that–

Having reached the 500 mark on SDMB, I have not once been a) hugged b)flamed c)used in a sig line d) called a putz by Cecil e) told to shut up about cricket for once or f) appeared in someone else’s erotic dream. Am I the King of Apathy? Or am I just the Stealth Poster?

Anyway. Thanks to all the posters I’ve loved hearing from. (You know who you are already. You’re reading this post :)) Special kudos to the DubDopers who survived their extended weekend–when I get my passport back, it just may be in time for DubDope IV. Thanks again all.

What’s wrong with OxfordDope? No passport problem then…

Congrats on the 500. I can’t help you with much except for the hug. That I’m good at. {{{Duke}}} Feel better now?

Congrats on the 500. Don’t worry about not being flamed or called a putz: that’ll come soon enough. And feel free to talk about cricket anytime.

Happy Half-K to you,
you’ll soon make it times two.
I hope to know you better.
[from Spider Woman][who???}


Oh, for IPU’s sake, Duke, will you just shut the hell up about cricket for once in your life?!

Congratulations {{{Duke}}} on your 500th post.

Hug <check> flame <check> shut up about cricket <check> sig (see below) <check>

Sorry, can’t do anything about D or F for you.

I hugged and flamed Duke in the same post. Cecil, get in here and putz him.


I promise to try to have an erotic dream about you, but~well, the thing is I already have (blush) this long list…but I will add you to it!

Happy 500!


Scotticher said (to Duke):

Another D, no less.

Congrats, Duke.

*Duke is my sig hero for 10/23/2000.

ssshhhh~~ MysterE…

Not THAT list!


Infamy is overrated. I do enjoy fulfilling f) above*, and a) and c) are OK (sig lines are fickle–here today, gone tomorrow). But b), d), and e) are overrated.

Congrats on your 500th post! May you have an erotic dream where you get hugged by Cecil’s flaming putz whilst playing cricket. The events of which will hopefully be immortalized in someone’s sig line.

Or something like that.

Congratulations again!

*[sub]though it would be even more fulfilling if the events dreamed about were to actually come to pass. Grumble. [/sub]

Thanks to everyone who’s posted–fierra, hypergirl, Kat, dpr, SpiderWoman, Scotticher, MysterEcks and DRY–for hugging/flaming/sig lines.

fierra–OxDope? Got a list of possible sights here…all I need now is the interest.

Scotticher–I’ve got all the time in the world, eh?

MysterEcks–What’s your number in Scotticher’s queue? Mine’s 4,302.

DRY–I get hugged by Cecil’s flaming putz? What kind of erotic dream is that? (Although, given the bizarre madcap dreams I’ve been getting since I started taking my migraine medication, anything and everything is possible.)

hypergirl–Two arms to hold me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

SpiderWoman–Eight arms to hold me. Thanks :slight_smile:
Kat–Multiple personality posting: I like it.

Matey! Congratulations on 500! And, needless to say, I got the Proclaimers reference straightaway.

Hijack: I have been looking for “Letter from America” on Napster for AGES now. Who will help a clog boy out?

I’m not gonna hug you Duke. But what with us being EuroTrash, why don’t we start kicking each others arses in true hooligan-style? Sort of a hug :wink:

I’m not gonna flame you, Duke. I will however tell you that you missed one hell of a party. :smiley:

Guess you’d rather be flamed, huh? :wink:


And maybe if you had shown up, I would have had material for an erotic dream! You’ve got to give me something to work with, man.

BTW, I did buy you a postcard, but you never sent me your address.


Could anybody picture Crunchy Frog's reaction if Cecil DID welcome Duke BEFORE he welcomed Frog? Whooo....

(no, I haven’t been welcomed by The All-Knowing One, or been the subject of an erotic dream (or nightmare), either)

Congrats Duke. Keep’em coming.

You missed a great wkend but there will be more :wink:

Now I’m going off to look for some Proclaimers songs.

:: walks away singing When you gooo will ya send back … ::

Duke said:

I’m in her sig, so I hope that means I’m in the top six somewhere.


At least, I’d better be…

Oh, and Duke, you can’t choose HOW you’re famous–you’ve got to take what you get, and like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]Me, I’ll never live the “Shakespearean felching” quote down [/sub]

Ooooh, smoochies! That address is definately on its way…

That’s what it means, MysterE hon!

There was never any doubt, dear heart!