I'm Gonna Be A Daddy!

My wife is 14 weeks. We’re so very excited.

I just thought I’d share. I’m loving life, does it get any better?

Congratulations! First child, I’m guessing? To answer your question, yes. Wait until the first time the kid looks at you and smiles. Time will stand still, and you will melt.

Good deal. Congratulations and warm wishes.


May the next 6 months go smoothly for you both.

Wonderful news!

What’s the little tyke’s heartrate been runnin? :slight_smile:

Super news! Congrats from our family to yours!

Ric and Kathy

What Casey1505 said. And after that will come another day when somehting will happen to make even this seem small. And after that another. They don’t come fast enough sometimes. Other times, you will not be able to catch your breath.

May your life be filled with all of the great possibilities that paranthood brings.

Thank you all.

Yes, our first child. First ultrasound (2 weeks ago), the heart was about 160 bpm. It didn’t really sink in until I saw the baby moving its arm on the monitor. Holy Crap.

I’ll introduce him or her to the straight dope as soon as they can read!

Claps happily
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Happy baby wishes to you!!