I'm hankering for a sweet creamy treat.

Any suggestions?

I guess I’ll take the bait.

Oh, I have a sweet creamy treat for ya’! I got a sweet creamy treat for ya’ right HERE!!!.

Sorry, but you asked for it

Anything except buttholes.

You should post that title in the Double Entendre Thread.

How about a Push-Up?

Maybe a Blow-Pop?

Creamsicle seems to make the most sense. Both naturally and in the double entendre spirit.

Kind of off-topic . . . . But every time I go to the library of late, I see a book on the shelf called “Sweet Hell Inside.” And I always go, in a Homer Simpson voice, “Mmmmm . . . Sweet hell . . . .”

Eclairs… oh yeah…

Trust FCM to think of foodstuffs instead of double entendres.

(me too)

No I’m not stalking you FCM, it’s just that wherever I go, there you are.
Friday is my day for stalking you, remember?

How about one of those “cream horns” they sometimes have at grocery store bakeries? That would go down smooth, wouldn’t it?

Bumb, If you’d ever eavesdropped on conversations in my house, you’d know that “eclair” is its own double entendre…