I'm having a crappy day

The last 12 hours has been a real pain. It started last night when the wife and I reasonably discussed getting a new bedroom set, read: yelled and screamed and pissed each other off. Her main contention was that my frugal nature and incessant need for endless discussions about money matters has put off to this point buying a need bed. Actually the words she used were “cheap bastard” “penny-pinching tightwad” and something about whining, but that’s getting off the subject. My point was that all of the above was true, but that the current bed was fine. Not true she says, she hasn’t slept well in over a month, she claims. This could be true being a man’s man; I could sleep in construction rubble with a tarp for a blanket and a pile of bricks for a pillow and wake up well rested.

So we went to bed angry. Assuming the appropriate anger position. You know, like the x position here. That was until Fate showed up at 4 this morning. He was accompanied by a sort of groan and a loud crack, immediately followed by gravity pulling us to the center of the bed where our heads met like coconuts. After much cursing, an investigation revealed the center support beam on the bock spring had broken.

To my wife’s credit she didn’t immediately launch into an “I told you so”. She simply looked at me. You know the look that makes you feel like you’re the biggest idiot on the planet, which seems odd as you feel only several inches tall. I met this withering gaze by looking away and muttering under my breath. I’m not stupid; I know when to retreat.

As I normally get up at 5:15 I made me some cereal and took my shower, then got ready to work. My wife in the meantime had retired to the couch. Again being magnanimous she allowed me to kiss her on my way out the door, with only a small case off frostbite. Fate however was not done with me.

Some of you might know that my doctor called me a fat bastard and told me to lose weight. I really should get a new doctor, but this particular suggestion had merit. As part of my exercise regiment I leave the car at home and walk a mile or so to the bus stop; where I catch a bus to San Leandro Bart, which is in turn another mile or so walk to my company where I open up at 7. Simple right.

At 107th and International the bus stopped. Completely. This was unusual as it wasn’t at a bus stop. The next bus is 25 minutes away, and it’s 10 minutes to 7. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my morning walk just grew by a third. So here I am after 5 hours of sleep and a 4-5 mile walk, and I’ve got to go bed shopping when I get off work. Can anything else possibly go wrong today?

Oh Stuffy - You were primarily safe until you asked that last question! I need a new bed myself, but I also need the room to put it in, so it’s out of the question. Try not to fall asleep while bed shopping/mattress testing. That can be so embarrassing :smiley:

The gull is right you know. You never should have uttered that last phrase.
Give Nay a hug for me.
And maybe I should take the whole saying of “never go to bed angry” a bit more serious.
Heck, I have a waterbed and I would hate for the supports on that to go one night. Might end up like another poster around here and be under the bed. Who was that?


King of the wacky misadventures

well prince mabye

My experience has been NEVER NEVER NEVER ask if anything can go worse. Because thats when the doo doo hits the fan.

Make it a romantic night of looking for beds together. Make out on each bed you try. Tell her sweet things you have neglected to say lately. She will soon warm up to you and before you know it you will get to christen your new bed.

Have fun!

Angry position #3 had me cracking up good as it looked like one person had finally up and lopped the other’s head off.

For whatever it’s worth we bought a really nice matress when we first married and I’m convinced it was one of our smarter purchases ever. Since you spend so much time on them and proper rest is a priority and they’ll last a long time, they’re worth the extra bucks.

Here’s a tag line for the missus… Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Hi Kricket, will do.

All you guys are scaring me about that “can anything else” thing. I’m suddenly glad I don’t have a dog.