I'm having surgery Thursday. I'll be fine, right?

I always get morphine (I don’t react well to Demerol), and like I said, of the dozen times I’ve been put under, I’ve only been nauseous twice. So this doesn’t always hold true. Of course, anyone else’s MMV.

I had Demerol back when I had pneumonia, and had no bad reaction. I’ve never had morphine, so I don’t know how I’d react. I’m sure I’ll get sent home with a nice stash of happy pills though.

I had a little outpatient procedure done last July and it was the first time I’d ever been put under for anything, so I was pretty scared too. They gave me Versed–they said it was to calm me down. Next thing I know, I’m waking up and asking, “So, when are they going to do this?” whereupon they inform me, “Oh, it’s done already.”

Aside from feeling a little woozy for the next couple of hours, I suffered no ill effects from the process. There wasn’t even much pain afterward.

BTW, I’m not certain of this but I’m pretty sure they do blood tests on you before they put you under so they can test whether to expect any surprises from the anesthetic.

In that case, if your doctor lets you have some input, go with what you know works for you.

I had eye surgery (outpatient) when I was seven*. I was absolutely terrified before it (and of course, because I was just a kid, no one would actually talk to me, they’d talk to my parents or talk at me).

What I remember: First they gave me some nasty-tasting medicine to drink. I think it may have been valium or some other type of sedative. Things get fuzzy after that. I vaguely remember a tiny little pinch in my arm when they put an IV in. Apparently I was talking rather un-lucidly with the nurse until they put the mask on, but I don’t remember any of that. Then a nurse was waking me up, even though I really wanted to stay asleep, and I was fine**.

You’ll be fine. Speedy recovery!

*That was the second time I’ve been put under; the first time I was, I believe, a couple weeks old, so I can’t quite recall…
**Sorta. I was really, really nauseous, and would’ve thrown up if I’d had anything in my stomach. It passed pretty quickly, though.

I had half my thyroid removed in August and it was no problema. I do agree that the worst thing is the sore throat you get from the breathing tube. The second worst thing was trying to get the hell out of the hospital the next day when I felt well enough to go home. It’d be easier to break out of Alcatraz. Of course, you shouldn’t have that problem as an out-patient.

So, relax, you’ll be fine.

I’m starting to calm down. This may all change tomorrow night, but now I’m sitting here being glad I don’t have to have eye surgery. Yikes! I suppose I should be thankful I haven’t had much experience with surgeries and major medical events. Hopefully this will go just fine and I’ll be posting Friday about how silly I was to worry, and how cool my new pink elephant friends are. :slight_smile:

I’m recovering for surgery as I write this. (nasal reconstruction: spreader graft taken from the ear - there is a thread around here someplace on it). This is my third surgery like this. It should be the last.

Anyway, Versed (pronounced Ver-Said) ROCKS! Do get it, ask for it by name. It’s related to Valium. I have a phobia of IV’s so they always have to load me up with the stuff. This last time around the put the IV in and hit me with 1mg of Versed. That didn’t cut it. The anesthegiologist came in, asked me a couple questions and then hit me with more. I remember thinking “wow, I don’t feel this stuff at all. Shouldn’t it be kicking in right about…” and then I woke up in recovery.

The last few times I was still half awake when I was being rolled down the hall and into the OR. This time I was in La-La Land. My wife said I was awake and all giggles and smiles but I don’t remember any of it.

Hell, if it helps tell them you have a messed up Phobia to IV’s. They never question it when I tell them this and all three times I’ve gotten loaded on Versed.

I’ve never felt sick after surgery except slightly the second time in the car on the way home. I never puked though. It’s my understanding the anesthegiologist mixes a mega potion to combat this.

The only thing I don’t like about surgery is the days of recovery. (Granted mine have been pretty painful. There’s nothing more fun then having your nose and ears cut up.) I can only handle about 4 days of pain meds. This last round I made it 5 days because I’m still really REALLY sore. But I stopped taking them yesterday because the idea of being on them longer makes me want to puke. If you’re going to be on Percocet or Vicodan for more then 2 days, you really need a stool softener. Start taking it the first day. Trust me on this. There is nothing worse then sitting around in bed feeling like shit and not being able to have one.

Good luck.

I love Versed. Once when I got it preping for minor surgery on my wrist, I stayed awake long enough to say, “I’m having fun now!”

I am glad all these stories are helping, cbawlmer. Hope you have as much fun as I did. :slight_smile:

Come back and tell us how things went as soon as you are up to typing.

I will. Maybe if I tell them I’m really nervous about everything I can get this magical Versed potion I’m hearing such good things about… :wink:

I have had two surgeries in the last two years. It was fine. I’m sure it will be for you too!

Sending supporting thoughts your way! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to be cool now, fell asleep easily last night, but then I had the trifecta of my recurring stress dreams: I was visiting my childhood home and hometown, but I left my car somewhere, so I was going to walk to my car but then I realized I not only didn’t have the keys or my purse, but I wasn’t wearing any pants. I frequently dream about one of those things when I’m stressed, but I’ve never had them all combined before.

Then this morning the hospital called to get more information on my medical history (the third such call like this in two days) and one thing they wanted to know is whether I have a living will. I don’t, and probably should. Anybody could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so it’s not like it’s surgery-specific, but yikes anyway. I think I’ll tell them to pull the plug if necessary. I don’t want to end up like that poor woman in Florida. Mostly I don’t want my husband and parents to end up in that situation. I’d feel worse about that than I would about actually dying.

Ugh, I think I might leave work early. I was stressed about other stuff **before ** I knew I was having surgery, and it’s stressing me MORE trying to concentrate on work and be cheerful. Man, I suck. I’m totally falling apart about something minor. How embarrassing! Thanks for being supportive, everyone. I know in my head that everything’s going to be fine, but my emotional center is all screwy now.

cbawlmer, I’m thinking of you! :slight_smile:

When wake up, be high. :smiley:

Post soon and let us know how it went!


Amen to the “off” switch. I had ACL surgery about 3 years ago. I remember climbing onto the table and getting positioned as comfortably as one can on that little thing. The entire operational procedure, from my point of view, then went as follows:

“Ok, Mr. Clothahump, we’re going to start the anesthesia now.”
“Ok, Mr. Clothahump, wake up. How are you feeling?”
And Vicodin is good stuff for the post-op aches and pains.

This is pretty much how it goes for me, too (except, of course, they don’t call me Mr. Clothahump). I always remember the anasthesiologist putting the mask over my face and telling me something on the order of “Take five deep breaths” (some of them say ten deep breaths), but I never get beyond deep breath two, and then, BAM, I’m into the black. Unaware of anything at all until a recovery room nurse is asking me how I’m feeling and if there’s any pain.

Didja hear? They’re cancelling elective surgeries in our part of the Great White Frozen North now… let’s get the fishsticks and go after Smitherman!

You’ll do fine, cbawlmer. These guys (and girls) know what they’re doing. :wink: Let us know how it goes! big kiss

I seem to have survived. The anesthesia wasn’t bad at all. Other than a brief feeling of nausea as I came to, I mostly felt ok. I had a little headache and some pain from the incision, but a shot of Demerol took care of that.

Slightly yucky info ahead: The surgery itself was literally a bigger deal than they originally believed; the tumor they were removing was quite a bit larger under the surface, like an iceberg. Yuck. Over time, the tumor pushed some of what’s supposed to be in there up into my shoulder a bit, which explains the shoulder pain, but now there’s a bit of a void where it was and it’s filling with fluid as things rearrange themselves. Now I have a drain coming from the incision and I have to empty the little bulb and measure how muc I drained a couple times a day. Extra yuck, but necessary. We weren’t expecting this drain business, so I might not be returning to work as quickly and it’s going to make showering damn near impossible for awhile. Sponge baths, here I come. Washing my hair is going to be a nightmare. But hey, no more tumor.

I was able to walk out to the car under my own power, though doing more than that tires me out. I have Vicodin and antibiotics now, so I can start healing slowly. I’ll have the drain out in about 12 days, so in the meantime I hope for opportunites to frighten children and gross out friends and family. Now it’s time for soup, then more Vicodin, and the inability to type for awhile.

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. They are much appreciated.

cbawlmer, thanks for the update. See? I told you you’d be fine! :wink: