I'm hopelessly, madly in love with this Snorg Girl

This redhead here.

Or here.

Or here.

Sigh…here as well.

If you like a different Snorg Girl, well, you’d be wrong. But go ahead and state your case if you must.

She’s pretty but the internets is full of pretty women. Why her? Your infatuation seems rather random.

How come I keep getting pics of some dorky guy wearing black-rimmed glasses?

[Yeah I see her below-cute in a quasi-unique sort of way]

She’s probably just the receptionist or other employee at the company, not a professional model.

I keep getting the dude too. I think you’re being played.

I’m with you man. She’s love-able.

I’ve seen an article about this which I can’t now find. Snorg started out small and happened to use some girl they knew as their model and her “pretty but not professional model” looks attracted a lot of comment, no doubt contributing very signficantly to the company’s bottom line. I suspect the company is now pursuing this style deliberately, either by hiring professional models that look (or are styled to look) amateurish, or by continuing to hire non-professionals.

Ashley from Snorg announced she was having her rather ample breasts reduced due to back problems. The comments she got were withering. It was like when the Browns left Cleveland.

The enzyme shirt would be better if it didn’t come right out and say “unzip your genes.” Wouldn’t you rather they have to ask?

The girl looks like somebody I knew once. The only thing I really remember is that her cat ran away, and was gone a long time, many weeks, and she had reconciled herself to its death. And then it came back, scrawny but fine.

“It’s a man, baybee!”

Same opinion.

How could someone be in love with someone they don’t know anything about, anyway?

She’s snorgable, alright.

The original Snorg girl was my first Internet crush. I haven’t seen her in a while, but I hardly ever see Internet ads anymore.

Hyperbole. The OP just means that he thinks she’s exceedingly lovely. Was this unclear?

Me - eh, she’s certainly pretty, and she has a cute grin. But still - I know a number of women I’d consider more attractive.

A sampling:

What a lovely group of boys.

ETA Sorry if I’m raining on your crush thread, OP! The Snorg Girl you’re crushing on looks cute, and to anyone who doesn’t agree, well, what an odd, sad world it would be if everyone agreed on who and what’s beautiful. Though I guess it would be easier to determine whether or not you’re attracted to someone by simply finding out if they’re a professional model…

“That’s like slapping God across the face for giving you a beautiful gift!”

Criminy, you people are so serious sometimes. It’s a hot girl that I see in a number of ads on sites I visit. I thought you should know!

Don’t worry, I won’t quit my job and travel cross-country to try to track her down or anything…

Well, I do have some vacation time coming up…

Good for Ashley - I hope her back feels better. She’s got nothing on my redhead anyway…and after she has surgery, she’ll have even less than nothing.

Well, she does have a cool dye job. But, yeah, the redhead is much hotter.’

EDIT: And I think Ashley’s boobs are too big–they are missing that boob-like shape.

Sorry guys. Ashley (and her tits) is superior.