I'm in Orlando now!

So, now what? Florida Dopefest, perhaps?

Me too! me too!

Actually Screech Owl and Mandi’s Mind 101, and I were probly going to get together in the next week or so. When are you here till?

Yeah Mondays are good for me! Lets all meet up on Monday.
Olive Garden, Soup, Salad & Breadsticks.
(Tubagirls long lost lesbian lover)

Oh, and dont get on I-4 and dont catch on fire.

elmwood! Welcome, you’ve joined the ever-increasing numbers of Florida Dopers at last!

Largo RenDopeFest if you’re settled in to your new home/job well enough to join us.
Oh, my God, I’ve learned the code well enough to code a link correctly by memory! :eek:

Or if you can’t wait to Largo Dopefest there’s always this possibility.

What? Another Orlando Doper?
If I were older, I would finally get to go to a DopeFest. [sigh] :frowning:

Oh, Monday is bad for me. It’s my only day off from work, and I just got back from an SCA camping event in Frostprrof (where I got sand in my eye [hurts like hell still], and have to go to an SCA demo at Red Bug Lake Park tomorrow (Monday) morning, 7 am to be on FOX 35 news LIVE. I really need some sleep!!!

Not to mention the fact that it took FORFREAKINGEVER to get home since I-4 is shut down between Lakeland and Rte 27 (below Disney), and all the freaking traffic got re-routed on the back streets. (Grass fire started by someone illegally burning garbage during a DROUGHT, what a freaking idiot!)

Sorry, too little sleep. I am not always so cranky. Yes, let’s get together sometime for a mini-Fest/dinner.

Monday? Ouch … think I missed it. Had a night meeting at work, discussing the new town hall and other fun things.

Or you could always be like me and go to both! :wink: