I'm in Portland, OR this week for the juggling festival...anyone wanna do something?

This year’s IJA festival is in Portland, Oregon (at the Oregon Convention Center, Exhibit Halls A and B), and my boyfriend and I are here until Monday. I don’t know how many dopers are from the Portland area, but I thought maybe someone might want to get together for lunch one day, or come to one of the shows at the festival (the shows are usually pretty amazing) or even come one day to the festival itself (spectator passes are like $5) which is a pretty nifty thing on its own…

The big public show is Friday night at 8pm in Exhibit Hall B, and there are some competitions that may be open to the public but I’ll have to check… those are tonight and Thursday night at 7. (Actually tonight it’s the Youth Showcase at 7, which is always jawdropping, and the Juniors Championships at 9pm)

Then there are the “midnight shows” which actually start at 11:30 and go until everyone is too drunk to stay awake, or something. Those will be at the Windows Lounge of the Red Lion Hotel, which is across the street from the OCC. The midnight shows are sort of like an open mic night of juggling and variety acts, which can vary from the amazing (professional jugglers testing out their newest, hardest tricks) to the scary (Mark juggling chainsaws with a scorpion down his pants–you may have seen him on America’s Got Talent last week…) to the borderline acceptable-in-public (juggling dildos, partial nudity, and lots and lots of naughty language). They’re a raucous good time, regardless.

Anyway, if there is anyone in the area who would like to attend any of that, or would want to do an impromptu doper gathering nearby this week/weekend, let me know. :slight_smile:

(oh, the midnight shows run from tonight until Friday night)

Wow, the real OpalCat (of "#3 “Hi Opal!” fame!) will be in Stumptown!

Unfortunately, I will be swamped with home improvement tasks this weekend, as my folks are coming to visit in 10 days, so I won’t be able to get together with you. :frowning:

Fair warning: the 100º heat wave is due to make its way here by Friday. Leave the flannel shirts at home.

Have a good festival!

Kinda long isn’t it if you’re on the bottom of the list? I mean, signing up tonight and finding out you have to wait, and wait (sun comes up), and wait (sun goes down), and wait …