Pirate mini-doper fest in Ojai?

The Ojai Pirate Faire be this weekend and next! And Kitty ‘Tooth & Nail’ Kendall (that be me) shall be there with the rest of the crew of the Rusty Nail! I’ll buy a turkey leg for any Doper that shows up (at least until I run out of loot.) Iffing you want to find me, we’ll be singin’ at the front gate at some point afore noon-ish. Otherwise, just look fer the silly girl in the red hat. Watch yer mouth tho’ - I be well-armed!

The Guild is called the Peasant Guild. I’m not sure where we’ll be or what our site will look like. And I have to work on homework at some point. And after lunch a bunch of us end up hanging out around the campsite. But if you ask around, you’ll be able to find me.

Aye, I know, I should’ve posted this earlier. We just got inta port…

bumped in hopes of getting someone there this weekend…

I’ll see if my wife is willing to go all the way down there. It sounds like a good way to spend two days away from the visiting mother-in-law, but there’s a competing Faire up here.

I haven’t been to Northern Faire in years, but in Ojai’s favor, it’s right on the lake, there’s shade and grass, and I’ll be there. Also we have Adam the Bawdy Juggler and Marooned.

We just had a Pirate Fair in Salem, MA this past weekend. See my thread about Shooting Mice with a Crossbow.

Well, I can’t really expect you to fly out here to meet some stranger on the internet.

It looks like they’re trying to get another Pirate Faire started in San Diego.

So anybody want to confirm they’re coming?

Sorry, Tyger, can’t make it. Rain check?