"I'm in the mood for love..."

How do you know when your SO is “in the mood”? Is it something verbal, physical, what?

She get really really touchy feely.

She (or he) takes off all their clothes and says “Take me, I’m yours”. Yep, that would do it. :smiley:

My wife and I can bandy about all the sexual innuendos and dirty talk in the world, but it is usually just playfulness on both of our parts. But when she looks at me and bites her bottom lip, I know that within a few minutes we will both be naked and sweating.

Just thinking about that look in her eye, and that gentle gnawing on her pouty bottom lip, the sexy sway in her hips as she walks toward me …

Um, excuse me, I need to go the the rest-room. Be back in a few minutes …

You put her in the mood. JK. When i had a SO, she always let me know well enough that there could be no mistake. If she wasn’t in the mood, but i was, i let her know.

You’re breathing. :smiley:

Same to you, darling. :slight_smile:

He ususally becomes very snuggly, and there’s a certain accompanying tension in the air . . .

When we’re actually in the same area code.

Yer pal,

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