I'm just curious what happened!

There was a big outtage on 30 July 2006. jdavis, I know you worked your ass off getting the SDMB back online, but I’m curious to know what caused the outtage!

Did I trip over the power cord again?

A little while ago there was a message about a hardware failure. Probably something along the lines of what happened a few weeks ago. The real question is, is our subscription going to be extended one day again?

See http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/announcement.php?f=2
Hardware failure but with a replacement this time and we are getting a 1-day extension.

Great Job Jerry, I would not have wanted to come in on a Sunday to fix a non-critical server. Thank you and **TubaDiva ** and **Dex ** who were nice enough to reply to Email notifications that something was wrong.


Yeah, thanks, y’all.

We’re going to change your name to Tripper

(My bolding)

Where does he say that?

The way I heard it, Jerry tried to upgrade from hamsters to capybaras but didn’t reinforce the wheels enough.

His second post in the link I provided:

My Bolding above.


Yeah, What Exit?, but that was an extension for the first hardware problem, not the second one from yesterday.

[This does not mean I care whether we get another day added. I really don’t. Thanks for the overtime, Jerry & other unnamed souls.]


:smack: Sorry, I assumed a second post would come after the first post and I did not read the time-stamp.
Goals for today: Successfully spread misinformation, Yes.
I feel rather stupid at this point.


Dammit you guys! Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, then Capybaras! :smack: You’ve got to kind of work up to it!

Oh, and great job getting us all home again. I was getting kinda worried. No Dope is worse than…

Oh, nevermind…

Thank you, Jerry, for getting it fixed so promptly, and on a weekend!

Yes, indeed, thanks for the work to get the Board up. Part of my Sunday is devoted to alternating between catching up on housework, walking the dog, and reading here. Sunday felt not-right with no SDMB to read.


Where do the ferrets fit in, then? :confused:

Between the guinea pigs and capybaras, although I hear there’s a Version 2.4 coming out that will use meerkats instead.

Seeing the error messages and the corruption, I expected a “Summer of our Missed Content.” Glad to see everything is back online. Was any content lost?

I was “discontent” for a day, does that count? ::rimshot::

Thanks, I’m here all week! Try the souflee, and remember to tip yer waitresses!!

Kat, with that mix I think you’ll find the hamsters fit in the ferrets quite nicely! :eek:

No, it’s Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Flemish Giant rabbits and then Capybara’s, properly, although the rabbit has to kind of sneak in.

Meerkats wouldn’t work at all! Too long. They keep getting their tails caught in the wheels.

A conventional wheel, sure, but I hear the Version 2.4 is set up as a Moebius strip.

I freakin’ wasted $10 over at Something Awful! I now have buyer’s remorse.

Stop it!