What happened today??? 7/5/06

Couldn’t get on all day! I was jonesing for a SDMB hit…
Glad you’re back!

The temp page said “a hardware failure”. Glad you’re back though! I almost had to do work today!

I’d been having trouble since last night. I tried to post in GQ and got a “fatal error” message. I was worried I’d killed the boards! Glad they’re back up!

There’s an announcement posted by jdavis at the top of each forum with the details of the outage.

Thanks for getting us back up, jdavis!

Did a hamster slip off the wheel and fall into the power supply again? :eek:

As for the subscription extension, I wish other providers (I’m looking right at you, Cable TV companies!) could be so responsive and responsible.

Very cool on their part! Everytime the boards stalls now I get sweaty…

That almost makes me sadder than the boards being down!

I heard elsewhere it was Ed Zotti’s pet python getting loose in the hamster room. :eek:

Snakes on a Mainframe?

Wow, what a class act by this organization to extend subscriptions 1 day. This is completely unnecessary, but just shows a caring attittude towards the consumer. In a world of MMORPG’s that will have massive errors for weeks at times and not ever dream of giving extensions on subscriptions, this little pay board (who already charges almost nothing for an excellent service), chooses customer service over customer dismissiveness.

Thank you SDMB for years of fun, education and community.

Hmmm… could today have been a test to see how hooked we all are- and then they will threaten to hijack the board until we comply to some perverse and secret commands?
I’d be in…

Could this have something to do with the holiday weekend?

I’ll echo others to say that I’m glad that the Board is back up, and that the subscription extension was unexpected and appreciated. Thank you.

Please add my thanks to the list, plus a thumbs up to the SDMB team.

jdavis and the rest of you are heroes! salutes

I told 'em not to buy their serveris from the back of Slug Signorino’s van!

Cecil and the rest of the gang thought North Korea was shooting at them, so they shut off all signals. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Very nice gesture.
Thanks. :cool:

I guess I don’t see why this qualifies as a “class act”. I’d be pretty shocked if I lost a day of service that I had a paid subscription to and the company didn’t offer some sort of recompense. That kind of thing is included in most contracts for subscription services; if it was included in the SDMB’s contract, then it’s merely a case of them fulfilling their contractual obligations. Conversely, if it wasn’t, then that’s a rather sneaky attempt to offer less service than most comparable subscription models. Either way, providing the expected standard of service is perhaps impressive if compared with cell phone carriers, but it’s certainly nothing they need to be congratulated for. That is, unless your expectations of the SDMB staff have been lowered by some history of bad service on their part (and I’m not sure what that would be.)