i'm leaving...

i feel it is symbolic to leave on this 200th post.

a long time ago, i was nearly at this great number, but the crash of '02 required me to regain some 170 posts.

now that i am finally at this number, i’ve decided i’m leaving.

to where you ask? the bathroom of course!


rams you through with a telephone post

:stuck_out_tongue: I was all ready for a farewell post.

So did everything come out okay?

And wait… are you implying that you haven’t gone to the bathroom in the last 7 months? :eek:!

quick, bring the plunger!

i’ve got seven months worth there in the crapper!

Seven months’ worth? How BIG is this toilet?

Snooooopy, some depths are better left unplumbed.

[sub]Ducks and runs like hell[/sub]

When I got to this thread, it was right below this thread. :eek:

so this now a thread about my toilet and my poo?

How 'bout them Tigers, eh?

Nah, how about them Canucks?