I'm letting the world know...

I want the world to know, I AM A LESBIAN ! Does anyone have any ideas where I could meet some ladys?

Bored with lurking, Oat Willie?

Perhaps you’ve confused us with a dating message board. We generally don’t handle this sort of thing here. Good luck in your search, though.

Look, even the men here don’t have a perfect batting average when it comes to finding “the ladies”. You’ll just have to go look for your own and come here to gripe when you can’t find the good ones, just like the rest of us.

Besides, haven’t you heard? “Ladies” is a sexist term. I’m not certain, but I’ve heard the PC term is “People with wombs” (I could be wrong, however). :wink:


There’s PC terms for women now? Does this mean I have to stop referring to busty women as “big-tittied fuck-bunnies”? I think “people with wombs” sounds kinda bland. I like “vaginally enhanced” myself as a term for women. What’s the PC term for men?

I believe that would be “fish bicycle.”

ROFLMAO, beatle. Aaaaahhhhh, and so on and so forth.

There are tons of guys here who are lesbians, try asking them for a date.