I'm looking for a Janet Jackson video

I’m trying to find a particular Janet Jackson video but I don’t know the song title. Before the song starts the lead guitar player, who is dressed in black and has short black hair, I think, is standing alone near the front of the stage in shadow. On cue he starts the song by playing a chord and steps into the spotlight or the stage lights come up. I think he takes a few steps closer to the edge of the stage and takes a stance, then a few more steps, another stance, I think, all the while playing these hugely loud chords every few seconds or so. His shirt is open showing lots of black chest hair and he just looks cool struttin’ his stuff. After a short time either the bass player back in the shadows starts playing too, then JJ bounces/marches in from the back to the guitarist and starts singing, or JJ comes in first and then the bass player starts. All the while, the lead guitarist is still near the front of the stage playing, but moving now, I think, toward JJ.
I know it’s not much to go on, but does anyone recognize the video from this limited description? I’ve checked a few of her vids on YouTube without success but since I still have slow dial-up so it’s not practical to check even the opening seconds of hundreds of videos.
Y’all are my only hope. Thanks.

Is it Black Cat? I could only find live versions, but it starts with the single guitar player…

OT: Wow, I forgot all about “Black Cat.” That was a great song.

The video was a performance video, as the OP describes, but the guitarist isn’t showng off his manly chest hair or anything like that. Still, it might be the right video. Memories can often be faulty. :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you very much Poysyn and choie. The song is indeed “Black Cat.” You two have narrowed my search considerably in finding the particular video I’m looking for. It is a live concert vid; I forgot to mention that in my earlier description. Thank you both.