I'm melting, I'm melting in the MMP!

Didja know it was a rule that you have to tell us the name of good books?

Congratulations, Tabco!

And Nettie, I do hope you find something equivalently less people-y and more cash-y.

Sunny I hope you feel way better soon.

It’s going to be a hot, hot day today. I love it, though we still can’t go to the pool. Overlygirl is still coughing and gross but feeling better still, despite the pressure on her ears. I’m scarfing down some Korean-Mexican fusion for lunch. My lips are burning and I love it - the food is delicious. I’m trying to slow down because the first half of it was just practically slurped down, so I want to make sure I enjoy it since I might skip dinner tonight.

Ugh, work is harshing my buzz. Every time I think I “get” to work, someone wants to talk. I hate talking.

I will share the name of other good books in the reading thread. The name of this book is mud to me. Hmph!

On Instagram this morning:
News anchors: A man was admitted to the hospital this morning with 25 plastic toy horses inserted into his rectum. The doctors describe his condition as ‘stable’"

We’re back in the valley. We’ve both been having digestive issues the last couple of days Mine have continued through this morning, which is unfortunate, as I need to go to the grocery store to replenish consumables. Mostly veg. Our freezer is well packed, but we have little to no other stuffs.

Sometime during this trip I also need to go to go to Home Depot and get replacement valve stems for our kitchen sink faucets. I brought the old valve stems with me 'cause that particular company apparently made them in 4 different sizes.

Also, as we were just about ready to leave yesterday afternoon, Wifey realized there was nothing keeping the deer from getting into our tomatoes. As we were rushing around trying to jerry-rig a bit of extra tall fencing, I tripped over one of the underground (but not far enough underground) lawn sprinklers and snapped it off. So I had to jerry-rig a fix there too. :sweat:
So anyway,while I’m at Home Depot, I’ll also get some more bits and pieces to effect a more permanent fix.
I’m coming to hate those lawn sprinklers.

In other news; I finally have a scheduled date for my next colonoscopy. In August. Yay

See, years ago, the doc snipped some polyps out of me during my first, or second, colonoscopy that they determined were ‘pre-cancerous’. So now I get ‘scoped’ every 3 years or so. :unamused:

Well, it’s almost Friday. That’s a good thing.

Pray tell the title (:smirk: word play alert!) of this reading :books: thread? I’m a relative newbie not only to da Dope but to message boards specifically. I’d hate to be missing good books.

Now I actually have to post some of the books I’ve been reading…

For some Doper background, BOO for toilet reading or whatever, Khadaji was a longtime Doper who is no longer with us. He’d start those threads each month, and, after his passing, it became tradition to start another monthly thread for book readers to share their stuff.

Kinda like the MMP, in a way.

All righty. The meatloaf is in the oven. The rice is in the steamer. The broccoli is cut up into the second steamer basket and it will go atop the rice to cook for its last 15 minutes. All I have to do is whip up the gravy. From a dry mix. Judge ye not!

I’ve been hearing a little thunder. From the looks of weather radar, it’s all east of us and moving away. Anybody’s guess whether we get rain or not but if we do, it’ll be this evening. I don’t care - I’m not going anywhere.

I have nothing to report, as I retreated down the rabbit hole of genealogy, and it’s all musty down there and full of dull (to anyone not in the family) people who did nothing noteworthy, historically speaking–just like 99.9% of us.

Glad plumbing is behaving itself again, water is hot, and air is cool.

Welcome, Tabco. And a huge congrats on the degree! I like the nickname of Tabasco, but maybe nicknames are supposed to be shorter than usernames, so Tab would be good, too.

You did that long ago. Maybe raise sloth to an Olympic event? You two are the Dream Team.

Seanette, I hate that you’re going through all this crud. You’re way past due for good breaks.

quietly, bless you for making it through that many graduations. I’ve only been to 32. Sounds like you have great plans for the summer!

I’d be a-scairt of you except that the same thing happened with my noisy downstairs neighbors.

I don’t know how you do it. Seriously, that’s a helluva commute.

Sunny, sorry about the migraine, but yay on the optimism, which I’m optimistically sure is warranted.

Well, three days a week my commute is 30 feet. :wink:

OK, that definitely helps. :slight_smile:

Congrats tobasco!

nettie, have you ever considered inventory management as a career? You have a background in accounting / bookkeeping and it would be less peoply in that you don’t have to deal with the public. Warehouse IM is a pretty good place to start. Disclaimer: I have worked in the field for at least half my career.

She shoots, she scores! My manager took a piece of advice from me about our cycle counters’ work instructions and how they weren’t being followed per his orders. I had told him that many of the reconciliations that came to us were things that, had the counters followed process, would NOT have hit our desks. His initial response was, “Well, we need to have it removed from process then.” I reminded him that PW may have issues with that. Not to mention, why have $20 p/h help breaking down pallets that $14 p / h help could? This week, he added another temp counter and required them to follow process. So far, only about 1/3 of the number of reconciliations have hit our desks, leaving us time to research and investigate and maybe even find inventory. :smiley:

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Thanks all for the congratulatory remarks. I’ll be working for a small consulting firm in Vancouver, WA, mostly on site development, project design, and permitting.

My username was taken from the plumbing supply company Advance Tabco (Tomorrow’s Design is Advance). I thought Tabco was an interesting name so I lifted for my own purposes.

I also appreciate the welcoming remarks but I’m pretty sure I’ve posted in here before, when I passed my FE exam last December. Maybe that was in a different forum…

Howdy Y’all! Olympic quality sloth was achieved today. Also, we added an aquatic part by slothin’ around the cee-mint pond. :beach_umbrella: Go Us! Majik intartoobz pizza also got et.

sunny boo on the migraine but yay on the other stuff!

flyboy here’s to an uneventful move.

red I have no idea just what it is you do for irk but it sounds kinda like what my next to oldest brother did as an inventory specialist. That was his for real job title.

nettie continued appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed you find a better gig or the parachute comes through soonest.

swampy, my title is an inventory reconciler. Once our cycle counters count stuff, whatever inventory is variant comes to me and the other two reconcilers to be researched, written up, approved by someone higher up the food chain and adjusted.

So not a lot of heavy lifting doing inventory reconciling? Good bet for someone with arthritic hips.

I worked out, got home, and realized I forgot to get diet ginger ale at the store yesterday, so I asked myself, “Self,” says I, “Seeing as it’s a mile to the grocery store, do you really need diet ginger ale?” Self replied, “Damn straight,” so off I went, babushka cart in tow. I now have enough to last me into my dotage, if I get a dotage. It’s not the healthiest stuff, but I don’t smoke or drink (much) or do drugs, so there’s that. I don’t like non-diet soft drinks. Isn’t that weird?

Then my brother called, and we talked about Mob families we knew back in Chicago. It’s (mostly) not as exciting as it sounds. Plus we were kids, and what parents did wasn’t that interesting if their offspring were good at Red Rover or were willing to split a Popsicle.

After way too much water earlier this week, we have started the melting season. Well, not quite. We took the one layer of the duvet off the bed, so it’s now in spring/autumn mode. So the duvet’s a lot lighter. But we’re not in summer mode. Not quite that warm.

:slight_smile: I would probably be too lazy. But maybe it’s just the right motivation.

Sounds familiar. I do remember seeing a discussion about it, as it used to be called EIT. Well done on the graduation and job.

Head meet desk. What happened to good old fashioned “do it right the first time”? I keep trying to explain to my boss that errors beget errors. Because it interrupts the process.

Was in the office this week, and they had the moving crates everywhere. But no people. I guess they are having people come into the office, pack their stuff, and then there will be a move. And then they have to come back in the office, to unpack their stuff.

And then return to their normal home office routine. No word on when we’ll ramp up, but mandatory home office ended Monday, one week after the government lifted the restriction. Still have to wear masks in the office and keep the distance, so no meetings in the office. Not too shabby.

Today will be crazy at work. I am doing something wrong that I had to update my work computer to the new version of Windows, then get a new laptop, then update one of the software packages, all in three weeks. Somebody’s not planning well, and I’m not able to drive.

Also, next week is VACATION!

No big plans, except both hubby and I will get our second doses of Pfizer. Good for getting life back on track, and keeping us safe, but probably not very exciting. At least we get to go see a pretty little town.

Happy Friday!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Not sure why people feel that way…
: cleans congealed red stuff off of axe :

Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

Still ouch. My weekly commute is 48 miles.

… especially if you’re in a state where cannabis is legal? 'Cuz that’s some tight inventory management protocol, and needs a head for numbers.

Just throwing it out there. :slight_smile: No need to personally partake, if that’s not your thing.