I'm moving back to DC

I have decided to move back to Washington, DC. After nine years here in Philadelphia, I’m ready to go back to the city where I grew up.

I’ve already given notice on my apartment, and tomorrow (Friday) I give notice on my job. Then I step up the house- and job-hunting.

I’m taking an awfully big risk here, moving without a new job lined up. I tried it the other way, but that didn’t work out. So here I am, making a kind of leap of faith.

I plan to move at the end of October. The exact date depends on the house and job situation.

Anybody who wants to see me off, your best bet is to come to the Renn Faire on October 1st.

I don’t expect much to change Dope-wise. I’ll still be online, posting when I feel the desire, and I’ll be more accessable to MAD events.

Wish me luck in my new ventures!

Best wishes! Hopefully I’ll see you as often as I have been. Feel free to shout if you’d like help with moving and such.

Hey, cool. There’s room for one more down here. What kind of job are you looking for?

If by any chance you happen to be an accountant, we’re hiring where I work in DC. Not all that exciting a career (even though I am an accountant), but it pays the bills, benefits are good, etc.

Hooray! Hooray! Although, you just know you want to live in MD. It’s cheaper.

We’ll miss you!

And, in addition to RenFaire, there will be a going-away Doper Dinner – details to come.

Thanks for the good wishes, folks.

ultrafilter, I’m an info tech / software developer. If you know anybody in DC’s IT industry, private or gov’t contractor, please let me know. My address is in my profile.

twickster, a going-away dinner depends on my October schedule. The needs of the house and job hunts come first, of course, though I’ll do my best to schedule at least one weekend next month where I’m up here in Philly the whole weekend. Stay tuned.

Or we could do a weekday.

I’ll call or email at some point.

Finally! You’ve only been talking about moving since New Year’s! :wink:

I kid, I kid… Seriously, best of luck to you in taking “the leap”.

I may have found a house! I saw a very nice place this afternoon out in Oakton, VA. I’m going to take another look at it tomorrow. Depending on the comparable property prices, I am likely to submit an offer.

So things are moving along nicely at this time.

Oakton’s a pretty decent neighborhood and outside the Beltway, not too far from DC, just north of Fairfax and I-66, and southeast of Reston. It’s one of your best bets in Northern Virginia, though everything around here is getting pretty crowded and expensive.

I bid, they countered, I accepted. I now have a condo under contract! Negotiations were far easier this time than the last time I tried to buy a house.

I do the inspection next weekend. Settlement is scheduled for a month from now. I’ll be moving in just in time for Halloween. I’m looking at the first weekend in November for the housewarming & dedication.

Hooray and congratulations!

That’s cool; you and I are all but next door neighbors now. My company’s not hiring at the moment, but if I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

[Weird Al]
*Gonna buy me a condo,
gonna buy me a cuisinart,
get the wall-to-wall carpeting
and a wallet full of credit cards.
Gonna buy me a condo,
never have to mow the la-a-awn,
get the funny little t-shirt
with the alligator on. *

Congrats, and welcome back to the area!

Wait, you’re taking a contract out on a condo? Doesn’t that seem a little … harsh?

Check your mail … I sent you some info on Friday. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Misnomer. I’ve been away from my email for a few days, so I’ll check it tonight.

An update –

The home inspection was yesterday. There were no major issues with the condo, thanks to danceswithcats finding the utility room vents. There are of course minor issues to be addressed.

Everything is still on track for the move. One more week to go at this job!

After checking my schedule, and to avoid conflicting with a Doper wedding, I will hold a send-off dinner on Friday, October 28, at 7:30 at Outback in Conshohocken.

All area Dopers are invited. Please let me know by email or in this thread if you will be attending.