I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive...that there was a new South Park tonight

Overall…kind of a “meh” episode. It had some great lines, but I don’t think it was up to the level of earlier season premieres. But parts I did enjoy:

The aforementioned line in the title.
“No, not Clyde frog!”
AIDS/HIV being “retro,” and cancer being the new cool disease.
Cartman’s outfit (for those who are confused: here.)

No permission to access file.

Basically, Cartman was dressed in a hat and scarf similar to Tom Hanks in “Philadelphia.”

I liked this episode on different levels. My friends look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about the message behind a lot of the episodes, but this was one where I agreed all the way.

“Jimmy Buffett!? Nobody likes him except frat boys and alcoholic girls from the south!”

You mean it isn’t Cloth Frog? Huh.
When Kyle started beating up Eric, Mr. singular said “well, that’s been coming for a long time.” I enjoyed it too.
I liked the white guy jumping out of his car in Africa and telling them how to cure their AIDS.
Wonder why they hate Buffett?

I liked it- a solid first episode of the season, but I wish they had mocked Magic Johnson’s inability to speak English some.

It’s a good start. It ended up where I thought it would, though with money being the cure.

What I didn’t get was are they implying Magic Johnson is secretly paying large amounts of money to get drugs that others don’t get? That wouldn’t explain the dozens of other wealthy people who died from it. :confused:

I think they were implying that by doing all the healthy things that he does/did as a former athlete mixed with having gobs of cash, that does it. You can have gobs of cash, but that might not itself be the “cure”.

But Kyle and Eric were cured just with the money being injected into them. That sounded like way too liberal a message for Trey and Matt, though.

Agree–kinda meh. They just mocked Tourette’s, so another disease seems kind of like a let down. Plus they did an AIDS episode (Jared has AIDS) already…it felt like they were reaching here.

“I’m jut just sure, I’m HIV positive” was pretty brilliant, though.

I completely agree with that. I had forgotten that there was going to be a new South Park until about 10:05, and when I flipped to Comedy Central I was beginning to think that I had the wrong date or time. For the first couple minutes I felt certain that this was a rerun of the season premier (tourette’s), and not until I saw the picture in the corner saying “All New” did I realize that it, indeed, was.

By the way, bouv, it’s “Clive Frog”.

I’m worried about the guys. I hope they’re not running out of ideas. I’m pretty sure they’ll just pack up and finish if they’re out instead of trying to string a few more seasons along.

Wiki says it’s Clyde Frog. Plus there are way more hits and image hits for “Clyde Frog.”

The point was Johnson being an ignorant rich man keeps all his money just stacked around his house, so he’s always surrounded by it.


I are bad. Bad Trevor. Trevor is bad.

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Well what the hell’d I do?

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Good to meet a fellow Trevor. We’re relatively rare and we’re franchising out over the past few years.