South Park - 3/21 "Lice Capades"

I thorougly enjoyed this episode. I’m glad that this season is off to a good start.

I laughed hard at: “What are you here for?” “I have AIDS.”

Also, I think this was the best ending to an episode ever.

Were they parodying something specific, or just global warming/disaster movies in general?

Overall, I give the episode two thumbs up!


Dammit, my DVR screwed up AGAIN!!!:frowning:

All I got to was where the lice was taken to a new world and embraced by the inhabitants, and they were pulling back for the reveal. Who the hell was it?!?!?!

And I’m loving this season. Does anyone know what movie they were parodying? I thought it was going to be global warming at first, but then it swerved into SciFi all of a sudden.

singular, it was Angelina Jolie as she was arriving at a big event or movie premiere, scratching her crotch as she said hello to all the fans. Didn’t really look like her aside from the enormous lips, but most celebs don’t really look like themselves on South Park anyway. :slight_smile:

I thought it was going to be an animal somewhere else in South Park, perhaps Cartman’s cat, hehe.

I was trying to figure out the reference made by the animation in the survivor lice’s flight to safety on the fly. Was that a reference to Gandalf in *Lord of the Rings *(after the Balrog fight)? It also kind of reminded me of the ending of The World According to Garp; I think (it’s been a long time) that Robin Williams’s Garp is flown off in an air ambulance after getting shot, or something like that. I couldn’t tell which it was, though the more recent reference seems more likely.

If this episode was about global warming, then maybe Matt and Trey are changing their tunes a bit. They’ve usually been on the skeptical side of that argument (Manbearpig?), but this time they played it like believers (the doomsayer was, in fact, right).

Most of the episode (the global warming, the references to the living planet rejecting mankind, the scientist who spoke the truth but was dismissed as an alarmist, and even the evil Vice-President) were taken directly from the horrendous movie The Day After Tomorrow, a favorite target of Matt and Trey. The bit with Cartman testing everyone’s blood was directly taken from the fantastic sci-fi/horror film The Thing (and it was even cited). I assume the fly carrying away the wounded head louse was from the end of Return of the King, where the eagles rescued Frodo and Sam from Mount Doom.

Remember, though, they set it up for the ending by having the doctor tell Clyde that lice can spread by flies. So it’s not like it came from out of nowhere either. I don’t see that it has to be from any particular movie (or movies in general.)

Can lice be spread by flies?

That’s true, yes, but the segment where the fly picks him up at the end still seems to be a thematic homage to ROTK nonetheless. The resemblance to Frodo’s rescue in the film seems fairly implied.

Even though they’ve sent this movie up before I still loved it. I love how they do the voices when they’re mocking action movies. Like how the main lice character said Kelly kind of like Kehlluh.

Sadly, most people don’t get it because the average movie/tv watcher actually likes the average action movie :eek: (The Day After Tomorrow grossed $186,000,000 in the US alone.)

I agree. Their movie parodies are probably the best stuff they put out these days. (The political stuff can be funny, but sometimes it really falls flat.) I am glad to say that a lot of the movies they’ve parodied in later seasons as full-blown episodes (The Day After Tomorrow, You Got Served, 80’s teen movies in general, Red Dawn, and Battlefield Earth, for instance) I haven’t seen.

I laughed at the dig at Angelina Jolie, but they really shouldn’t have targeted her for the “crabs” joke. I’m eagerly anticipating what Matt and Trey will do WRT celebs who go overboard with conspicuous foreign adoptions, and I think they should reserve their satirical firepower at Ms. Jolie for that issue.

Also, are head lice the same thing as pubic crabs?

[slight hijack] And when did they parody Red Dawn? That flick is one of my guilty pleasures; any parody of it would be a must-see TV for me.[/sh]

Episode 710 - Grey Dawn. One of my favorites.


Th arrival of the fly taking the almost dead lice (louse?) was very similar to the end of the Abyss. Even the music was spot on.

“I love my behbeh!”

Wasn’t the Lice Vice President a direct mocking of Cheney? I took it as such.

I thought is was a Global Warming spoof at first also, but then it morph into the movie I did not know.

Funny episode overall.


Evil Vice-President in The Day After Tomorrow was a first-degree direct mocking of Cheney.

“Grab a sock and a bar of soap.” I loved the misdirection in this. I was expecting them to visit the same kind of retribution on Kenny that Pvt. Pyle experienced in Full Metal Jacket. And IIRC, A Few Good Men also had a scene of a Marine being beaten with bars of soap wrapped in socks. So the sock bath scene became funny through that misdirected expectation.

Singular “louse,” plural “lice.” Same as with mouse and mice.

I liked all the lousy parts. Surprisingly nicely animated, and the “mah behbeh!” accent is always funny.

I figured the bugs in the last scene would be revealed to be crabs, but I figured they’d be on Mrs. Garrison or Cartman’s mom. Angelina was kind of a random celeb to pick, but then… I guess the more famously slutty current celebs like Paris and Lindsay and Britney don’t really have, y’know, a suitable habitat.

I noticed those lice looked shorter and squatter than the hero louse.

IRL, is there any difference in appearance between a head louse and a pubic/crab louse?

(I had crab lice once – don’t ask me how, I had been chaste as a monk for some months previously. They even infested my chest hair, but they never spread to my scalp. Maybe there’s a different species adapted to each body zone? Those little things do look like crabs, BTW, to the naked eye, in the general shape of their carapaces; but, strangely enough, magnified pictures of them never look anything like crabs.)