I'm off sabbatical

Just so ya’ll know.

Hip hip hooray!

Who are you?

We welcome back our favorite fluiddruid! Missed you, my dear.

I hope you wrote several books during your time off.

Welcome back!

Yay! Welcome back! Check the charge on your cattle prod before you wade back into the fray …

Don’t listen to the other mods. I didn’t do anything while you were gone.


None of those solid druids for us. We’re fluid all the way down!

Exactly what I was thinking. Or if you have a thesis to publish, that would also be acceptable.

Good to have you back!

All that time and you couldn’t even use a towel to clean up that fluid? For shame, druid.

You can never leave again. New rule.

Um yeah, I really missed you. Welcome back!

[sup][sup]Actually being relatively new I don’t know you but I am willing to warmly welcome you back to engender favor. Is it working?[/sup][/sup]

I thought you were using “sabbatical” the way I use “on vacation”: as a transparent coverup for a suspension of my posting privileges, either at my request or the administration’s. Now I’m confused because I figure a real sabbatical would open your schedule to post more, not less. :confused:

Beats the heck out of being “around” sabbatical or “under” sabbatical.

Welcome back. You missed all the fun. The dope was bought by Al Jazeera and will be transitioning to Farsi in two weeks. خوش آمدید (welcome back)

Welcome back, we missed you.

Unless you also took a sabbatical from the board. As a moderator, the board is sort of a job for her. Or unless the sabbatical involved going somewhere where she didn’t have Internet access (or only had limited access and spent it on other things besides the board).

I also don’t see any reason why your original assumption has to be false. She asked for a temporary suspension of her posting privileges and now she’s asked for it to be ended. Heck, both this and either option in the previous paragraph could have gone hand in hand.

No matter what, I’m glad to have her back. She’s one of the good 'uns.

So did you manage to do this with a 12-step program? Is the recidivism rate comparable to other programs?

Welcome back.