I'm on Jeopardy tomorrow 3/25

I just set my DVR for it! I hope you do/did well! (you know, verb tense and timetravel and what not)

I still need to watch the finals of the last tournament. I’ve found that it’s easier to record things I plan to watch rather than try to race home (and it came in handy - I planned to be home in time to watch Jeopardy! tonight, but didn’t make it in time). Thanks to the DVR!

Bonne Chance!

Just watched your “hometown howdy”, Beth! Go get 'em!
And no matter what happens, you’ll be added to THE LIST!

Can I suggest

“Why Opal!?”

Congratulations! I’ve still got about a year to go waiting by the phone after my in-person interview.

Good retroactive luck. Don’t forget to stop by theJeopardy! message boards that Sony keeps up. You won’t be lonely there. It’s a good online community that made up of a lot of people who’ve been on the show, a lot of people who are waiting for The Call, and a lot of people who wish they were waiting for the call. Larissa, Dan, Aaron and Pastor Dave have all been through in the last couple of weeks.

If you get “The Call”, who pays for the flight out to CA?

DVR is set; good luck in arrears!

I really wish that I had a dvr…will have to catch it on re-run. This explains the one-sidedness of our daily “duel”.

You do.

You looked great!

What’s funny is that during the program you actually look calm and collected, and fully in control.

The kids and I just watched it. They were really impressed that I know such smart people.


Speaking for myself and 23 other Dopers, BethCro, congratulations and welcome to one of the world’s most exclusive societies: Dopers on Jeopardy!

(And thanks to Labdad for the heads up on Beth’s appearance tonight.)

You looked great! And your story about being trapped in the revolving door was the best of the three tales.

Shame you ran into such a buzzsaw with Fred. It looked like both you and Dana knew a lot of answers, but Fred was absolutely deadly on the buzzer. That’s the most difficult part of playing, and until you’ve been there and tried to master the damned thing no one can appreciate how hard it is.

Concratulations, Beth. You made us Dopers proud!

Well, that was interesting. I certainly don’t remember answering that many questions correctly, which is odd. I was wondering how I managed to get the $6000 I wagered in Final Jeopardy (only to find I wagered $6300). I remembered the Bush question, and blind carbon copy, but other than that, I was convinced I was standing there like an idiot. No recollection of answering opium, Thomas Jefferson, K, etc. Weird.

I look totally strange during the introductions. The music started and all of the sudden, being on Jeopardy became real, and I realized I couldn’t feel my face - or rather, I could feel it quivering, distantly - and I could not recall how to smile. Luckily things picked up a bit after a horrible start.

If I’d been asked which presidential daughter was a mystery writer, then I would have come up with Margaret Truman. Work a battleship into the answer, not so much.

When the Sopranos was on, I was spending half my time in London and half in Tulsa so I never watched it much as I had no continuity.

No excuse on not getting Lewis Carroll, I blanked completely (it’s that damned Jeopardy music). At least I came up with an author of the right period. I definitely would have gotten it had I been sitting on the sofa at home.

I had a hard time buzzing in. We all got the chance to practice before the taping, and truly, I was held back for remedial buzzing. That was embarrassing and confidence draining! I’m sorely lacking when it comes to hand-eye coordination and I think that was an issue. I’d see the lights come on telling me it was time to start bashing the buzzer, but there was a brain delay. Didn’t help that Fred was not only very bright but also super fast on the buzzer.

I could be wrong, but I think that Fred was the only one of my group of 12 or so who didn’t get on the show via the online test. He went to one of the Brain Bus events and got on that way. I think. Don’t quote me … heck, I can hardly remember being there.

All in all, an extremely surreal experience which I wouldn’t trade for the world. It would have been nice to have won, but it is a cool club to be a member of, and most surprisingly to me, shy as I am, I went on tv instead of locking myself in the bathroom!

You looked nice and didn’t really sound like you were from Oklahoma (or what I imagine someone from Oklahoma should sound like). The London part of the above sheds some light on that.

That wasn’t the case. Although Alex was talking about the long break for the ToC in Vegas, there was actually about 15 minutes between Dana winning her game and playing in the next one against me. Such is the magic of television.

Is this on the internet somewhere? I don’t get around to watching much on TV.

I spent 20 years in London and got to the point where I sounded English (to Americans at least). I’ve been back in Tulsa looking after my dad for 3 years or so and I’ve got my drawl back. But, when I’m nervous, my finishing school accent reappears though not as strong as it was 5 years back. So now I just talk funny and get asked where I got my accent.

(Harrods. In a sale. Obviously without trying it on first.)

Watch some James Garner movies. Shame on you. :rolleyes:

Congratulations, Bethcro. :slight_smile: