I'm pitting the stupid members of this other forum

UGGHH!!! They make me so mad. :mad: Each time I post something, they have to say bad stuff to me, or about me. Something as harmless about my bad night last night, and they all blast me. They are very annoying. The other day, they were like, I hope that I show up again and they miss me. Well, they missed me because they didn’t have thier pin cushion anymore. They make me so mad. :mad: I’m mad, but amazingly calm, so I can’t rant very long and strong here. Probably because I’m really tired.

There there, kputt. Go get yourself some sleep … and stop sucking up all the bandwidth, ya whiney bitch.


Do you have a link?

Do your arguments not stand on their own?

Are you setting yourself up knowing full well they’re going to blast you with any ammo you provide?

I’m at a bit of a loss here just going on the limited information provided.

I was going to ask for a link also.

The easy answer: don’t post there anymore.

If you are a pin cushion, as you put it, don’t give them any more satisfaction. Go somewhere else.

If you would like to have your own board, where you set the rules, go to ezboard and make your personal stomping ground.

Why would you think that someone who is flaming you one day will change their mind? They are probably waiting for you to see what ammo you will give them to work with.

You don’t need a link, but if you must have one,


I know I started to fight fight back, but they are annoying.

And talking about ammo, it’s anything I say, good or bad.

I’m with you Kputt! I get so…mad…at…stuff. Those dumb people who say all those things. Reminds me of that movie. Youo know the one with that guy who does all those things. OOOOoo that really got my goat!!!
Hang in there buddy! You’re not alone.

Why, I oughta . . .

No board wars, please. In other words: don’t put the link to this thread on the other board, kputt.

Oh yah, well MY other message board locked me out because I’ve reached my viewing limit for the day !! grr.

[shameless plug] It’s such a great board that I can’t stay away from it - even now I want to go read it, and get my post count high enough that I won’t be cruelly locked out again. [/shameless plug]

Sorry. I didn’t know that was against the rules. They asked for a link, so I gave it to them. Sorry.

The link here is OK - just don’t post the link to THIS thread THERE.


Man, that place looks like the message board version of an AOL chatroom. Just skimming the thread probably killed as many of my brain cells as at least three cases of beer. Places like that make me appreciate the SDMB so much more.

Notes to kputt:

  1. Local TV station message boards suck… bad.
  2. You must need a pretty big antenna to watch Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 8 from Carlisle, PA.
  3. Grow some skin. To quote a poster in that thread:

Well, IMHO, you got what you deserved in the thread you linked. Try to fix your problems. Then you can come and vent at how unfairly the world is treating you if you can’t fix them. If you don’t want to try to fix them, then expect to be called a whiner when you start complaining about your problems. (Note, a girl’s boyfriend/husband is the exception. They have to just sit there and pay attention without trying to fix anything. But I don’t know if you’re a girl, and I know you’re not my wife.)

I was also put of by your excessive use of smileys.


You know, there was a forum somewhere else where people took a disliking to me and everything and anything I said was challenged. Like GD except imagine every single thing you say is taken the wrong way, etc.

I stopped going.

Don’t miss it.

Yeah, but now they know that we know that they know.


Whine. Whine. Whine.

I ranted and raved here, and I didn’t get any of that treatment. I had some problems with them in the past and I stopped having those problems. However, they still wanted to act like buttholes. I’m going to leave that forum.

and for the Whine poster, get a life.

kputt In the short time I’ve been frequenting the SDMB, I’ve run afoul of your ill-advised posts on many occasions. You don’t cite sources, even when asked, and provide little in the way of intelligent discourse. When asked for sources, you are vague and defensive, and seem to only have unsubstantiated opinions. Opinions are often fine when confined to the Pit, MPSIMS, Cafe or IMHO, but generally just annoying on the other forums.

If this is your MO on your other board, I can see why folks over there are unappreciative of you.

Would you like some cheese with that?