I'm really bored

ask me anything

Why are you bored?

What color shoes am I wearing?

Can you really do magic? What kind?

How long do you think this thread will remain open?

Too bored to talk?


Cool, a spambot is a doper!

How many US Presidents can you name off the top of your head?

all of them, on account of the Jonathan Coulton Presidents song

Have you cleaned your room? :wink:

it’s already clean enough

worry about your own room, mom

Well, let’s see them, then.

What are you wearing?

Wrong, but it’s ok, I don’t judge.

Why won’t my truck start?

Is this mike on?

Hello? <thump thump> Hello?

What kind of bird would you like to be, and why?

Count the hairs in your eyebrows. How many do you have?

Dammit! WHY won’t my truck start?

I’m getting kinda tired waiting out here in the damn parking lot, y’know. Hello?