I'm seeing, but I don't belive!

Alot of you are responding but not answering.
Just alot of; blah, blah…“hey check out this web site”
There’s an old proverb that says: Answer not a fool unto his folly. I’ll check up on you all from time to time. Just to see if your growing up.

Well, that’s awful nice of you. Please let us know when we live up to you’re (sic) expectations.

Good, just dismiss everything we say out of hand. That’s real grown up, pal.

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!


Don’t make fun of him for leaving, he might change his mind and stay.


Maybe that’s why you’re not getting many responses?

Saint Eutychus

BTW, “Jedi” isn’t in unholy to pretend to derive magical powers from sources other than God. This is the big criticism CAPAlert gave Star Wars (it’s intrinsic ungodliness). Since one can only take from your username that you are a fan of Star Wars and from your posts that you are a Bible literalist you are commiting an act of heresy. Me thinks you have a hot future in store (actually I don’t because there is no hell other than the one you make for yourself here, something to ponder perhaps).

He makes trolling comments, MANY people reply with genuine answers (the replies to his list of questions were great!), a couple of people naturally “take the bait” (his words) and flame him, and he complains about the latter without even commenting on the forum.

Oh yea. I’ll miss this guy…

Yer pal,

He’s sadly typical of the ignorant creationist. Spouts standard oft-repeated dogma, then doesn’t bother to respond to the answers, because he has not been told how to respond to accurate scientific answers.

I don’t get it. “A lot of responding but not answering”??? What kind of answer did he expect?


“Vyvyan! Where did you get that Howitzer?” “…I found it.”

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Guanolad said:


I remember a particularly classic “discussion” with a couple of Catholic creationists (before the Pope made clear that evolution was ok – tho I’m not sure even that changed their “minds”). First, the wife, Sarah, started with the standard:

Sarah: They haven’t found the missing link!
Me: What missing link?
Sarah: The missing link. The one they haven’t found.
Me: Could you explain what link this is?
Sarah: The missing link! They haven’t found it. That disproves evolution!
Me: [Long explanation of why this isn’t correct or true]

Suddenly, Sarah’s Husband, LeftEye, joins in.

LeftEye: They haven’t found the missing link.
Me: Jeez… Here we go again…

They had heard that refrain from their pastor or Bible study leader and just accepted it. It was stamped into their foreheads and, no matter what was said to them, they could not get around it.

But David you are clearly forgetting they haven’t found the missing link yet. :wink:

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?


Here it is…


Do I win a prize or something?

Jedi’s unending admiration.

But if we FOUND it, it wouldn’t be MISSING anymore. Every “link” you find makes TWO MORE “missing links” (You have #1 and #3. You find #2. Now you have to find #1.5 and #2.5. Continue ad nauseum.)

The {insert name of city you wish to ridicule} Zoo recently expanded their large-cat collection.

The picked up a jaguar at the European Auto Importers dealership.

They got 16 snow leopards from the pound.

Now they’re out searching for the missing lynx.

Creationist here (meekly raising hand). Please don’t paint all of us who believe in creation with this nutball (Jedi-667). I believe in the scientific method, the big bang and yes, natural selection (gasp!).

It is simply my faith that God is the catalyst to our existence, and science explains the method of creation and the nature of the universe.

As for Jedi, he probably would have had Galilao (sp) burned at the stake for suggesting the earth revolved around the sun, if he was around back then.

kknick, while you may believe that God is behind creation, I don’t think labeling you as a “creationist” is appropriate, given the current use of the term. “Creationists” do not believe in evolution; many (“Young Earth Creationists”) do not accept the Big Bang and believe the Earth is only 6-10,000 years old. “Old Earth Creationists” do accept, at least, that the planet has been around longer, but still reject evolution.

How about me, David?

Interesting how you summarize everyone’s clear, concise, specific answers to your questions as “blah, blah”, and then suggest that everyone else “grow up”.

I’m just trying to figure out exactly what it is you want, jedi. Is it for everyone to say, “You know, you’re right! I never thought about it that way! Evolution is wrong after all!”?

If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

Dr. J

Polycarp asked:

How about you, indeed!

Does this belong in Great Debates?

-And Jedi667, requesting an answer to a question like “Where did the laws of the universe come from?”, but displaying an unwillingness to follow links (or check your grammar for that matter) shows real sloth on your part.