I'm SICK of winter!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d just like to interject that last week we had high 80’s and a couple of weeks prior we had several days of upper 90’s.

It did snow over the weekend, but it’s on the mountains and it’s a two-hour drive (or a three-hour hike) to get to it.

Yes, I know. I am a bad, bad man.

I’m sure you Northerners will mock me for this, but I am sick of winter too; we don’t have REAL winter here (and I’ve spent winters in Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado; walking the dog in -30 qualifies me, right?), but dangit, I like to go outside in short sleeves! I’m ready for SUMMER!

Bring me 95 degrees and 95% humidity! I’m ready to start sweating when I LOOK out the window! I’m ready for the kind of heat that buckles your knees and makes you feel like you’re carrying an extra you around on your back! Those days when you walk outside and it feels like the heat is squeezing you.

Screw this; we haven’t seen the sun in a week, and it’s getting me down.

When I see a weatherman cry…

Erie PA checking in, for the season 134 inches and counting. It is snowing now.:mad:


::looks around:: ::blushes:: :confused:

…oops wrong thread sorry :smack:

I’m sick of it too. SicksickSICK unto death.

Last week, my district manager (I’m a paper carrier) told me that one of his other “big” carriers (over 300 papers, there are only two of us on his routes) waded snow for several hours, got fed up, said fuck it and WENT HOME. I promised him I wouldn’t do the same, but let me tell you, I have been sorely tempted.

Last week a woman screamed at me for a good five minutes because her paper was late. Late, I tell you! The nerve! As if I wasn’t standing in the middle of her yard in TWO INCHES of sleet, on a day when a lot of carriers didn’t even deliver at all! Aaah, she was lucky to be standing inside an upstairs window at the time, or she would have been eating slush.

Give me summer. Heat, early sunrise, air conditioning. Fuck these “record setting snows!” winters.

Whew! I feel a little better. Wonder if it’ll snow again tonight?

It’s amazing. It’s warming up here.

Not as cold as it was but I have set aside my usual double jackets (winter jacket with a hoody underneath) for my colder fall day jackets (windbreaker with same hoody underneath). The snow is melting, the birds are chirping and people are out walking their mini dogs who will yap at anyone who gets too close and bounce around in the snow getting clingies to their fur.

But as I post this, it will probably go back to freezing. Le sigh.

It’s dark and cold outside, and the sun hasn’t made an appearance once today.

Spring break starts next week, with no spring in sight. And no money to get somewhere warm. Who the fuck decided it would be a good idea to have spring break almost a month before spring even starts? :mad:

I knew it! I looked outside just now and once again I see snow coming down, it’s cooled off again too. Bah.

I want to know that too MD. I like having breaks when it’s nice, but I suspect those who made the break this early can afford to go places. I wish I had the money to go to Costa Rica with my school… but that’s about a grand more then I can afford.

I officially reached “sick of winter” last week. Came back from a mini-vacation weekend of soaking in hot pools in the Rockies. Here’s how my morning went when I went back to work:

  • get up at 7:30. Still dark outside.
  • go outside, wade through three inches of snow to car. Get shoes full of snow.
  • try to open car door. Glued shut with ice. Yank on door handle for a minute, remembering stupid old Horizon whose door handles would come off in my hand. Door finally opens.
  • start car - doesn’t want to start, it being -17°C out (around 1°F).
  • get car started; go out to sweep off car.
  • sweep three inches of snow off car. Scrape windows.
  • go inside. Wait about five minutes until car is warm enough to drive.
  • go back outside. Get shoes full of snow. Shake fist at sky and curse nature.
  • get into car. Sit on ice cold, frozen seat. Clear patch on side window so I can see side mirror. Start driving.
  • get to first stop sign. Slide through crosswalk.
  • drive to work. Half hour drive takes an hour due to bad road conditions, with my foot on the clutch the whole way.
  • have only one fishtail on the drive to work. Cars behind me go right up on curb when they hit the icy patch. Hilarity ensues.
  • get to work. Legs rubbery from holding clutch in for an hour. Get to stay a half hour later to make up for late start.

Yup, I hit “sick of winter”. In a big way.

Fuhh-hhhhuck !

Last week it was lovely. Sunny. Warm. Yesterday was above freezing! And then last night we are treated to the “coldest night of the year”. Minus fifteen is too cold to ask people to put up with, especially after the winter we’ve already been through ! Have mercy !

Who can I write a complaint letter to?

Well, cold winters, that is.
This winter has been the coldest (2 months with below freezing temps) and the third snowiest on record for Ohio.
My son has had 4 colds already.
We are moving south this year!:mad:

I must apologize to everyone. Last Friday, I said some rather abusive things to people who love winter. I apologize that I have not been here for two days to heap more scorn upon you losers, especially those of you in New Jersey.

I’ve hacked a hole in the roof with Sam’s knife and tunnelled 5 feet up to daylight. I’ve fashioned a ceiling window out of some femurs, rib bones, and clear plastic. For 15 minutes a day I have sunlight streaming into the cabin. That and a cuppa fresh carboard tea makes the lack of beer almost tolerable.

Last night was colder than a bear’s ass on planet Neptune. I had to burn most of the floor boards to keep the temperature in here up to minus 26. Drank up the remaining kerosene to help me sleep. I woke up to find flakes of frozen moonlight on the ceiling window.

This afternoon I thought I heard an airplane. I went up the tunnel to have a look, but it was just the sound of pine trees shivering. Man it’s cold.

I’m sick of cold. It’s 17 degrees (F) with a 15 mile an hour wind and my dog MUST be walked.

She forces me to do this behavior every 4 to 10 hours because she refuses to go to the bathroom in the fenced yard. And if don’t take walking, she follows me around the house complaining.

I swear, if I didn’t love her I’d trade her malamutt butt in for her weight in chihuahuas.

Excuse me, I need to go put on glove liners, mittens, heavy sweat pants and my Elmer Fudd hat.


-23°C this morning. 'Nuff said.

10 more feet of snow has fallen. My snow tunnel up through the roof to the surface is now 15 feet long.

Last night one of the huskies woke up and dug a tunnel to the front door. We’re just sitting by a fire made of rolled up Kleenex. The dog’s chewing on a scapula. I hear dog tastes like snake.

20 centimeters in Toronto. Did you know we just had the coldest March 3rd in recorded history? And now, two days later, it’s fucking snowing again.

Although I still find time to spare a thought for those in Badger, Newfoundland, whose town flooded, then froze. They have it much worse than us.

… but at least they don’t have to take the streetcar to work in it … grumble …

No winter here. Not real winter, anyway. Just a “cool” period for a couple of months, around 21-23c (70-75F) with flawless sunny skies.

That said, summers are a bitch. But it’s still nicer to look out on a gloriously sunny day than on a grey leaden drizzling sky.

Crappy weather. The main driving factor in going expat…

That’s it. Istara, I’m gonna dig a tunnel to Dubai. Do I turn left or right when I hit Mecca?

Not sure, Frantic. Depends which way you’re facing. But remember you’ll have to spend six to eight months indoors, just looking at that heat from an A/C interior, because pretty though it is, it will fry and sweat you to a sludgy crisp…