I'm so happy (or A stupid Hallmark holiday)

Yeah yeah, it’s Valentine’s day (or it will be in 40 minutes). No one has ever really done anything for me on this holiday. Most of the time I just let it pass like any other day. Today I got my boyfriend a CD, which I was going to get him anyway, bug deal. I fully expected him to not do a thing, since he’s not one of those overly sentimental people. But to my surprise, he showed up at my house today with a dozen pink roses, a huge heart balloon (I would have paid money to see him drive his scooter with that thing trailing), and a bunch of other random stuff. We just spent most of the night together talking. It was great. And when I told him how much it sucked that everyone is coupling up at school and I don’t have anyone to be with, he wrote a note on my arm saying “I love you”. I love him!


racinchikki made me a card (she cut the pictures out of construction paper all by herself!)

(Front: )

[2 paper-cutout birds]
Birds do it…

[2 paper-cutout bees]
Bees do it…

Don’t you wish we could do it?
(Inside: )

Wouldn’t it be great to have wings and fly?
[sup]Why…What were YOU thinking?[/sup] :wink:

Gunslinger and racinchikki, you two are too cute. What a clever card!

Hypergirl, I’m sincerely happy for you and your boyfriend. He sounds like a real sweetheart. :slight_smile:

You have a boyfriend, but you don’t have anyone to couple up with? How does that work?

Snooooopy: Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she might be refering to a male friend

No, he’s my boyfriend, but unfortunately, he doesn’t go to school with me. So when everyone else hs someone with them I’m all alone. But he more than made up for it last night.

Hey, it’s better than being a few thousand miles away from someone you want to be with.:frowning: Oh well, at least I get to talk to him on a regular basis, and I might be able to visit him during spring break.:smiley: Toodles and happy Black Wednesday to everyone!

Indeed. (racinchikki’s in upstate NY, I’m in TX)

Stop with the sad faces! This is supposed to be a happy thread.

C’mon people! Let’s keep this thread happy…let’s face it: a happy hypergirl is more likely to strip down and treat us to one of her patented naked dances.
[hijack]I got a Valentine from AudreyK yesterday!
…isn’t she the greatest?[/hijack]

My naked dances are patented? Oh well, just for you poohpah…

::flips on music, strips off clothes and starts swaying::

Come on over here baby. :wink:

Lawdy, I never get tired of these naked hypergirl dances…


Now that V-day is officially over (for almost a day now!) . . .

Vday sucked. But at least I slept through most of it.

And ssskuggiii, I think it’s about 1000 miles separating you from Yours.