I'm so sore. From moving house, you deves.

I’m back at school after two days of moving. My parents decided that when our neighbors two houses down moved out, they wanted the house, so Mom immediately contacted our landlord, who owns all four houses on our side of our little street. After the landlord said we could move into that house, my parents and various other relatives commenced a program of improvements to the house. I was able to get out of helping with most of the work due to being at school and having no way to get home unless I was fetched. No one was willing to waste the three to four hours round trip to do said fetching. My mom warned me that when the time came for moving, I would make up the work I’d missed.

We had today off from school, so Friday afternoon, my mom and aunt came to get me. The entirety of Saturday and Sunday was spent in moving. We finished entirely about nine Sunday night. There is not an unpacked box in the place, everything is arranged to our satisfaction, and the new tenants have started moving into the old house.

I do not advise moving house in July in Louisiana, but I was not consulted. I merely carried things to and fro, cleaned, and moved furniture when I was told to do so. I ache in most of my parts and am contemplating taking a hot bath tonight, but I think I might pass out in the tub.

I just finished most of my unpacking from my last move. Then I cleaned the house from stem to stern. Took 12 hours over 2 days in the 90+ degree heat. My lower back hurt so bad I could barely walk.

Take some ibuprofen and put ice packs on the really hurty parts. Get a massage if you can too. It helps.

Thank you for the advice. I took a very hot shower, which seemed to help a lot.

I am probably also sore partly because I was attacked repeatedly by small children, who were so excited to see me that they simply had to express this excitement by running at me full-tilt every time I sat down to rest.