I'm starting a Pit thread for Ilsa Lund to insult me/

Okay, so maybe bumping a five year old thread that most Dopers have not even seen in this time that we are waxing nostagic about the old SDMB is not very bright. But it is not as stupid as making personal insults in the “Coments on Cecil’s Columns” forum.

I’m bright enough to know that personal insults belong ONLY in the Pit, Ilsa Lund you ignorant slut.

Yes, I apologize. It was out of line. I was just trying to find a way to express my incredulity at the act without sounding like a “Junior Mod.”

Bumping threads like that (just an observation) usually gets a mod-slap. Kinda like a joke thread in the Pit does.

Once again, I apologize. I was just astounded to suddenly find a five year old thread bumped by someone I thought might know better. I shall refrain from making any more personal coments outside the Pit.

(Let’s see, this makes IV)

And does having 4 pittings not tell you something? :rolleyes:

Given that one was by Kurdt Kobain and went nowhere, one was by you and went even more nowhere, one was a joke thread that got a mod-slap and this one has been resolved with my humble apologies, uhhhh… no.

Or forgetting the fact before mine turned into a pie making contest, most people thought you were a twat with a bunch of shitty one line posts in the Pit, please yourself.

and yeah, rant away about your ‘interesting’ film theory posts in CS. big wow. i’m off to the pub.

What the fuck is the deal with bumping an old thread anyway? Why is it so verboten?

Everytime you bump a thread, an angel says Gotcha Ya.

Ilsa has sadly disappointed Annie-Xmas by refusing to insult her.

I suggest that the rest of us should take up the challenge.

Annie, you’re such a silly sausage.

Ha! Take that!

Halloween kicks Xmas’ ass. Ohhhh schnap, no I didn’t.

Who the fuck keeps track of how many pittings others have had over a 4 year period?!? GO OUTSIDE!

I’d be careful about this. The mods (especially Lynn) have been extremely ban-and-suspend happy about the forums these days. You know what they say about absolute power and all that.

Careful about what? What are you talking about?

Chastain86 (at least I think that’s who it was) started a pit thread recently that turned into a roast, and was promptly shut down by the Angel of Death herself, Lynn, who called it a joke thread.

More like the Angel of Mercy, if you asked me. :rolleyes:

Locking a thread != banning

I can’t understand why anyone who honestly felt the Staff were corrupted or power-mad or ban happy would stay here one more second. I wonder if there’s a little SDMB Leprechaun of Masochism that forces people to keep coming back for more punishment? Or are people unaware that there are billions of fun, interesting, and unusual websites and domains out there ready for exploration? So I asked one of my cats, and he directed me to post this link:

I guess maybe I need to assist: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=fun+interesting+unusual&btnG=Google+Search

I’m sorry if my previous post was construed as an attempt to steer the conversation towards me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I simply wanted to report some observed behavior to prevent others from being reprimanded. Nothing to see here.

As to why we stay, if I let one person’s behavior dictate whether or not I stayed here, I’d have left years ago. The SDMB is more than one person’s whims and/or rude words. I like it here, and have no intention of leaving.


I don’t think anyone said that locking a thread was the same as a banning.

You see, my cat told me you would say something like that… :wink:

Is the username **SDMB Leprechaun of Masochism ** taken?