I'm the king of the world!!!!

I noticed that my Evil Nazi Groundhog Thread made the Threadspotting segment today.

This is a great (yet highly deseved) honor.

Perhaps my thread was chosen by Cecil himself!

Maybe he’ll send me an E-mail and say “Al-Baby, you got the right stuff! I’m getting to old for this and you’re the only one smart and witty enoguh to take my place. You want the job?”

Think of all the famous and important people who visit this site. They will all wonder at the glory of my genius. Famous essayists will put down the pen in despair, knowing that they can never equal my feat.

I’m probably about to get a big check from the SDMB too!

I’d like to thank all the little people who helped make this possible! I could have done it without you, but I wouldn’t be able to gloat.

Work hard and perhaps one day you too may attain my glory.

I leave this thread open so that petitioners may come and bask in my glory, receive my benediction, and otherwise glory in my celebrity.

Scylla–I will proceed to follow you around the board in hopes that I can learn something from you. My great hope is to one day see one of my topics in the coveted “Threadspotting” space.

I am in awe of your greatness.

And you are so humble about it, too!


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Interests: Getting Major Nelson in trouble, getting Major Nelson out of trouble
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I never hate myself in the morning. I sleep till noon.
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Uh, whatever happened to the varmints, anyway?


Thanks. you da’ best!


Now that the rascals are no longer hibernating, I’ve been trying some of the saner suggestions. I’ll probably start a thread this weekend about it.

throws down pen in rage.

Sreaming “Damn you Scylla. The muse has left me. I cannot compete with you and you way with words.”
I damn thee to your Ground grizzly hell.
no wait that is not true. Just a bit Jealousy.

Hope you get the bastards and spin a good yarn for all us here.

Oh your from Wales?? Do you know a fella named Jonah?? He used to live in whales for a while.

“Now that they’re NOT hybernating?”

You didn’t strike by night?! You didn’t take them down when they were at their weakest? Oy.

A little persistance goes a long way. Announcing:

“I go on guilt trips a couple of time a year. Mom books them for me.” A custom made Wally .sig!

bows to the benevolant (and amazingly modest) Scylla

We’re not worthy O Great one.

<flame> Please accept this humble post as a sacrifice and bestow upon us all your wisdom and blessings.

(Is this obsequious enough?)