I'm the luckiest man in the world.

And that’s no hyperbole.

It’s been a while since it happened, but it doesn’t make the sentiment any less amazing: she said yes! :smiley: :eek: :slight_smile:

And when I say “she”, I am of course talking about the poster you all know as Heloise. We met in October of 2001, at the LA Dopefest. Ever since, the both of us have spent an ungodly amount of time aboard airplanes over the Atlantic to see each other. Soon all of that will end!

On Leap Day, we will be married in that Holiest of cities, Las Vegas NV. :wink:

It will be a small, intimate ceremony. Afterwards, we’ll spend about a week together before I have to fly back to Holland. But we’re working on closing the gap for good, don’t worry.

So again, I say: I am the luckiest man in the world, for -through reasons unbeknownst to me- having this wonderful, caring, funny, sparkling, sweet and downright beautiful (in every sense of the word) girl agree to spend the rest of her life with me.

Those of you who have met us in person will agree that it is highly improbable for a fat and ugly bastard like myself to even get the time of day from a babe like Heloise, let alone develop a meaningful relationship. But as you can see, miracles DO happen. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to spending the rest of our days together, and I can only wish for all of you to some day feel as lucky and happy as I feel right now. :slight_smile:

[sub]Cheers, Cecil, for getting me hooked on this message board![/sub]

Married in Vegas!

Wish I could be there. Maybe you can get Rush for the reception.

I hope that you have a long and wonderful life together.

Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

Congratulations you crazy kids!

CONGRATS! All the best for you two lovebirds!

How exciting! Fabulous! Congratulations! Welcome to the club!

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Well, congratulations, Clogboy and Heloise! I have to say, you two are a wonderful couple, and I am so happy for you two!

You’ve got to have an Elvis Impersonater officiate! Must do!!!

And HERE"S HOW TO ARRANGE IT!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Many congrats, Coldy!

Congrats to both of you.

Hey maybe there’s hope for some other fat ugly bastards if Clogboy can get hitched :wink:

Hope the day and the rest of your lives together work out brilliant.

Congrats, big time. Having met both of you, I guarantee* your marriage will rock.
And the Vegas weddings like a cherry on a bun.
Nice one

*not a guarantee :smiley:


Congratulations! Here’s to many years of happiness for you both.

::raises a pint of Guinness in toast::

Thats brilliant news! congratulations!

Hurrah for the PieMeister!

Sounds like you’re ridiculously happy, and long may it continue.

When the hell is “leap day” - Is that the 29th ?

I think she’s mad, btw :wink:

Congratulations, and best wishes.

Woooo!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! :smiley:


I hope she realizes you’re only marrying her to get a US citizenship … :wink:

Just kidding, of course. But really, I never thought you were a " fat and ugly bastard" … I thought you were into cycling and stuff!!!

Best of luck!!

Ahhhh! Young dopers in love! Congrats.


Thanks, guys!

L_C: I think she’s certifiable as well. But it appears there’s no law against marrying fat ugly bastards on either side of the pond, so I guess I’m in luck! Yes, the 29th is Lead Day. Is that an Americanism?

Casey, your Dutch is impressive! :slight_smile:

Ponder: my most interesting cycle has a 600 CC engine, but I used to ride a mountainbike quite regularly. Now it sits on the balcony, so unless you count watching the Tour de France, I guess I’m not that much into cycling anymore. :slight_smile: