I'm the only person on this floor - Should I go home?


So, like, it’s New Year’s Eve, right? And our office is open. But of all the sales people & support staff who work here only about seven or eight of us actually turned up today.

The sales manager has gone to lunch and said to all the sales staff “If you want to go home, I don’t blame you”. My phone’s the only one that’s rung all day, and that’s only because my husband wanted to talk to me, and I’m working out details for a trip to Melbourne on Thursday/Friday. I think honestly that there’s only three or four of us left in the whole building.

I’ve gotten out the invoices I can get out today, I can’t do anything else until the new invoices bill tomorrow or wednesday night. So I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs and browsing.

But I’m getting paid for it.

So I put it to the TM. Do I sit here for another four and a half hours (I normally knock off at four anyway), browsing and twiddling my thumbs but getting paid for it - in an office where the aircon ain’t working right, and it’s 43 degrees C outside at the moment? Or do I go downstairs and tell my boss I’m buggering off home, head out and go home to TF2 and the aircon, but not get paid for the rest of the day?

[ETA]: I have no customer facing duties apart from when I email them the invoices. My entire job is composed of compiling Oracle reports into a bill for our customers and emailing those invoices to them. And as I said, I’ve gotten all the invoices I can done until the next billing report goes through. So my going home won’t negatively impact any customers in any way.

Go home.
If you’re not being productive and just sweating out the hours, why stay?
Clear it with your boss one last time and enjoy an unexpected treat to end the year.

Only stay if you need the money, if not RUN!!!

I know what you mean. There’s hardly anyone here in my office either. I’m going to leave at about 2.30pm, to try to avoid the crowds streaming into the city for the fireworks tonight.

Oh yuck. I feel for you. The weather in Adelaide and Melbourne at the moment must be frightful. We seem to have escaped the heatwave. It’s a very pleasant 24 here.

That’s it too. I’ve got to get myself home in a taxi because I’ve got to bring home all of the assorted crap I’ve brought in to work over the last four months. I’m working on South Rd, one of the busiest, narrowest roads in adelaide and if I leave at my normal time and get a taxi I’m going to be stuck in traffic running up the meter for ages. But if I leave early, I should miss most of the traffic.

I think I hate you right now ;). The low overnight - that is the coolest point in the whole night, was about 28 around our way. And our bedroom isn’t airconditioned.

I think I might hang for another half an hour to an hour or so. If I leave at 2, then that’s still early enough to avoid the rush but it’s only a couple of hours short so I’m not missing out on too much money.

Good idea. I’d think about booking the taxi now. I don’t know about Adelaide, but in Sydney taxis start to get very busy around this time on New Year’s Eve.

Absolutely, Take off early and get ahead of the crowds. I’m on the other side of the planet right now freezing my bits off in Connecticut where our outdoor temp is 28F. However, I do not have to work tomorrow, but if I did and I was in your shoes at 2pm I’d be heading out early as well to prepare for the night’s festivities.

Have fun mate!

New Years Eve is tomorrow.

And 30 December was yesterday.

It is tomorrow right now, there.

Also, Sierra, go home. :slight_smile:

Another vote for double-check with your boss, then pack it in and hit the parties.

It’s currently 1321 on 31 December 2007. It can’t get much more New Year’s Eve-y than that :smiley:

Phew. It is damned hot up here right now. The problem is upstairs is a bunch of cube farms with great big glass windows on all sides of the building. So whilst there is aircon, there’s a lot of windows getting direct sunlight coupled with high cube walls, so the air movement is absolutely shocking.

[ETA]: Alright, alright. I’m going :smiley: Y’all have convinced me. Yay for aircon at home.

Have a very Happy New Year! Since I’ll undoubtedly be asleep as you’re ringing it in. I still have 28 hours to go.

Gonna go light on the partying, but mum and stepdad are coming over to pick us up and we’re all hitting the beach. And it won’t be too soon. I never thought it possible but I’m sitting in an office and yet I have a serious case of swamp ass.

Oops, sorry to assume you were in North America.

Eh, no harm, no foul.

Even with the swamp-ass I’m just in an unreasonably good mood this afternoon. But anyway, I’m off downstairs now to await my chariot. I shall see all you fine folks sometime later!

You and probably everyone else in Adelaide. :slight_smile:

Have a great time. I’m off home soon to batten down the hatches against the influx of revellers. I’m close to the harbour, so we always get a swarm of them.

Nine and three quarter hours to go here.

Well, I just got to this thread. So I think it’s safe to go home now. :stuck_out_tongue: