I'm trying hard to make a descriptive 'Topic' title. Coz' you know I must. It's bad, bad, bad. The things ol'beck wants to tell you could fill a Olympic pool. My brain thinks it, my mouth wants to say it. It makes me happy to tell all

Yet, I can’t.


'Nuff said. Sorry to almost hear it.

Oh, you’ve stopped!

Funny, Burpo, funny.

The quandary reminds me of something of similar magnitude that an educator type was wanting to have as a lecture topic or the subject of an entire class or series of classes. He settled on “Things in the Universe” or something at least as vague. Needless to say, the enrollment for the course was negligible.

Just go with “Things I know and would love to tell you about” or the like.

Or simply “Stuff.”


Who knew this platform allows thread titles 47 words long?

'Bout wore out the alphabet on that thread title…

Just missing J Q and X

ETA; coz i found z

This means any person starting a new thread can put the entire OP in the thread title!

And then what to you can tell but don’t want to?

go for it, you are among friends

Just questions, you know XYZ.
All letters posted.

I read and reread your post. I finally figured out you skipped one word.

My answer: No one needs to know all the stuff I CAN tell.
But …you give me ideas. Hmmmm?


Lady, you always give me ideas, but I’m going back to sleep where they can get played out.

Is that the sound of a lion purring? Nah, just me snoring. :wink:

One of the elderly people who emails me regularly puts the whole 3 sentences of his message into the subject box. I suspect he can’t really see which box is which on AOL’s email web page.

As to Beck’s OP …

As long as you include “Beck” or “wrek” in the OP someplace you know at least I’ll show up; you never fails (sic) to entertain.

You’re trying too hard. Just be yourself- we love it. Sit in the ol’ rocker and close your eyes and daydream of Bigfoot scratching his head because he followed your homemade tracks and they went nowhere. And remember. Bigfeet are clever and adaptive. Don’t be surprised if that game camera ends up in your kitchen pointing at you.

Awww-you guys are just too sweet.

I still ain’t tellin’ :upside_down_face:

How many words is your captivating “ guest” up to today? You have Cecil hogtied to a typewriter dontcha?

I wish.

Love me some @Cecil_Adams