I'm try'n to like "The Good Place". Help me out here guys.

I can’t remember what thread I was in, but I know a couple of people here have mentioned what a great show it is. So I figured I’d give it a shot.
I “like” the show. Cool premise, and all the characters are easy enough to like… except for the protagonist. Seriously, this character has ZERO redeeming qualities. So freaking annoying! It reminds me of the guy in “Last Man on Earth” first season.

So my question is: Does she ever chill out and learn not to be so fucking horrible? (Like Last Man on Earth"?)


Ted Danson alone is enough for me. But to answer your question, yes, I’d say there is considerable character growth, not just for Eleanor, but almost all characters.

Only Tahani remains almost always annoying, the rest get better as the show goes on, especially Janet & Eleanor.

Also the overall plot of this show is far better than Last Man on Earth.

As others have said, yes there is plenty of character growth for Eleanor and the others (including Michael and Janet) but there’s also several resets that move everyone back to their original state. So you get to see the characters change multiple times.

No spoilers but there’s a definite payoff at the end of season one.

On the whole, I consider it very imaginative and well worth my time.

Keep in mind that the show’s premise is whether the humans will ever be able to get into The Good Place, so if Eleanor and the others ever learn “not to be so fucking horrible,” that will pretty much be the end of the show.

Ahem…I believe the term is "forking" horrible. :smiley:

Eleanor and Michael definitely change. The rest change a bit less. I don’t think any of the journeys are believable or all that interesting so I don’t think it’s important that they change other than it being a vehicle for different types of jokes.

I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, but I think it rapidly loses steam in season 2. It might have been over-hyped for me as the best show going, but I don’t think it lived up to that either.

The fact that they get better over time is the entire point of the show.

The beauty of the show is that it’ll teach you something about ethics if you’re not careful. But seeing the development of the characters is what you should be looking for.

Really, it’s just a ballsy show with brilliant and unusual writing. And a continuing run of surprise twists.

To my mind it reached its peak at “Dance Dance Resolution” (S2 E3), at that point I would have called it the best show on TV. Everything since then has been all right but it never regained the full spark.

“The Trolley Problem” was even better.

But the main appeal in the beginning was seeing Eleanor trying to fit in. Yes, she was a bad person – that was the point – but by the second episode she was aware of it and wanted to improve herself, which made her more likeable.

Exactly how far into the show is the OP? Some of the replies here might be a bit spoilery if he hasn’t finished season one.

Yeah, definitely some spoilers above. Without engaging in spoilers, though, I think it’s fair to say that if you haven’t warmed up to Eleanor by the end of the seventh episode, you’re not gonna. The end of that episode made me realize that this show was going for something more than the “madcap escapade of the week” formula I thought it would revolve around.

At least through the middle of season 2 Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are the same people as they were in episode 1.

Indecision that ruins other people’s lives? Check. Doing things for status rather than altruism? Check. Throwing Molotov cocktails to ruin things for other people? Check.

Eleanor and Michael definitely changed. And Michael’s growth was super funny. However, the fact that they grew in a more moral direction doesn’t matter one iota to me. I think 95%+ of my enjoyment is when they continue to do bad things or reminisce about bad things they did previously.

Agreed that The Trolley Problem was damn good.

Jonathan Chance, I’m curious what this show has taught you about ethics?

Well, but isn’t that because…

of all the resets? Each character had at some point grown at least a little. The resets make everyone kind of yoyo back and forth.

They have changed and grown – they were more aware of their flaws and try to work on them. But they can’t stop backsliding into the same old patterns. In the beginning, they did the things unthinkingly; now, they begin to see they shouldn’t – though in hindsight.

I think if anyone comes into this show with expectations of the “best show” they are going to be disappointed. The show builds slowly. You should know by halfway through the first season whether this show if for you I think.

My SO and I both think its great. We showed it to our adult daughter and she was not interested at all, things were moving too slowly. That’s okay, I can’t watch most of the stuff she loves like “Big Brother”.

Yeah, I kind of get that feeling. :slight_smile:

I’m on episode 4 or 5. I’m surprised I’m the only one who finds her so abrasive. But going from everyone’s responses, I’ll stick with it some more.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Just from the season 1 promos, I did not think that this was a show I’d be at all interested in. Then about a month into the season they reran the first four episodes in a block one Saturday night and I happened to catch it and thought it was fantastic, and have been watching it ever since. I would agree that if you’re not hooked by the first half dozen episodes, then it’s probably not for you.

**OK, stop reading this thread. **Finish Season 1. Then join us in the ongoing “The Good Place” thread.