The Good Place - it really holds up

My wife and I watched The Good Place when it originally aired. We decided to go back and try the entire show, which is only four short seasons of 13 episodes each.

It’s a very nice show that definitely does not overstay its welcome. Cute, funny, touching, and a real gem.

We finished it last night and both agreed. This is one of those shows that is worth a re-visit every few years or so. It’s just a lot of fun.

Anyone else go back and see it or see it for the first time more recently?

I think it is one of the top comedy series of all time. I had watched it again about 2 years ago.

I’ve re-watched it 3 or 4 times. You pick up things you missed every pass through.

I had really forgotten a good chunk of season 4, to be honest. I remember the ending, but not how they got to that point.

I just started my third rewatch this weekend. It’s a great combination of concept and execution. The core cast is outstanding – top-notch performances from all of them. I also really like the tone – the kind and supportive nature of their friendships.

I enjoyed seasons 2+ much more on rewatch when I could just enjoy the narrative and was not distracted by wondering what was going to happen next.

I highly recommend the podcast as well. Marc Evan Jackson is a natural interviewer.

Like everybody else, I love the series.

I originally got into it because I like Ted Danson and gave it a shot. mrAru walked in in the middle of the 3d episode of the first season, watched about 5 minutes, walked out. He grabbed snacks, walked back in and sat down and asked if we could go back and start it again =)

I just love the entire premise, hell being such a light and cheery place! [well except for hte idea of the clam chowder fountain!]

Yes, this is a huge part of it. The main group is excellent and it was kind of great to see Kristen Bell play such a mess after she was so smart on Veronica Mars, which really was my main memory of her before this show. I have to admit, she pulled off a great overcoming of her typecasting by playing a character so different than Veronica.

I’d never seen Chidi, Tahani, Jason, or Janet on any other TV show or movie I am aware of. What a home-run casting and whoever cast this show deserves his/her own Emmy just for casting.

Ted Danson has had at least four sitcoms since Cheers. Becker, Ink, Help Me Help You, Mr. Mayor, I think maybe more(if you count Curb and other shows he has been on). It’s nice to seem him get another huge win even if he hardly needs the money after all that “Ted Danson money” from Cheers. :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s a great show and a huge success for all the actors.

That particular “hell” was a light and cheery place. The “real” Bad Place, well…

I love how they mix some pretty deep philosophical points with fart humor. I’m re-watching it right now.

The episode where they explore the trolley problem was really excellent. Again, high brow intellectual concepts with over-the-top blood splatter!


And they also put the Peeps in the chili pot!

Watching it for the third time, as for one reason or another it was hard to find in Germany. We are in season 3, and I love it to bits.
Such a great way to introduce ethics and philosophy to a wide audience.
“I always throw a molotov cocktail at a problem. That way, I immediately have a different problem!”

A rare perfect show. Casting, plot, pacing, arc, resolution. All of it.

Since we’re obviously well past spoilers territory, the scene at the end of the first season where Ted Danson does his evil laugh and says, “yeah, you got me” was so good that I had to rewind and rewatch it several times.

That was such an amazing twist, and watching his face change…perfection.

I wonder if any schools or colleges use that episode to teach ethics.

The first half of Season 4 is probably the weakest part of the show, but they stick the landing so hard that it doesn’t matter.

Yeah, I did like the new test experiement victims, though.

That guy who plays the “full of himself” guy, the one who golfs and assumes he is a prime candidate for the “best place” is an amazing actor. I mean, this guy, he plays a type of guy we have all met. He reminds me of an Energy Vampire on What We Do In Shadows, but both drain energy in different ways.

His mystery novel is all kinds of great too.

That is harkening back to Doc Savage, and Buckaroo Banzai =) I really wish that the Ron Ely Doc Savage didn’t exist, and that someone would take the series and turn it into a cable series that did it justice. I occasionally reread the few I have in hard copy and wistfully mentally cast the series. Obviously as actors age out and turn up the casting changes.

There is a novel, Little Heroes, where the computer tech had advanced far enough that they had AI ‘actors’ in commercials and entertainment, we are pretty much to that point now with ‘deep fake’ so we can put [for example] John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Chambers and Anne Hathaway into the same scene. [For those I know who have issues with the current Lord of the Rings prequel, we could put Weaving back in as Elrond … no problem.]

Bumping this just to say


I just watched the Trolley Problem episode again last night. I think it might be the best episode of the series, which is saying a lot.